What is The Fornax Blueprint Series In Rocket League Season 6?

Psyonix are introducing the brand new Fornax Blueprint series as part of Rocket League Season 6.

Rocket league fornax series
What on earth is Fornax, and why is it getting a "series"? | © Psyonix

The Rocket Pass isn't all that will be introducing new items in Rocket League Season 6. No, instead, players will have a selection of items available as blueprints via the Fornax Series. Why it's called "Fornax" is as-of-yet unknown, though we do enjoy that the name is rather reminiscent of "Snorlax", a rather sleepy dark blue-green Pokémon that looks rather like an oversized (and rather deadly) teddy bear.

Along with the plethora of new content coming to Rocket League in Season 6, the Fornax Series will join the new Nomad vehicle to bring some much-wanted freshness to the game. Let's be real: Rocket League 6 does seem, at least pre-release, like a breath of fresh air. Ever since the game went free-to-play in 2020, it has struggled to retain players or even just basic interest, even from rather hardcore fans.

We're sorry, Psyonix, but the RLCS 2021-22 Winter Split isn't going to cut it if you want to retain a player base. The idea of introducing new game modes, arenas, and vehicles to the game is great but has one basic problem: Rocket League still has not upgraded to Unreal Engine 5, is very old, and is in dire need of renovations. We're sure that the update that will inevitably drop along with Season 6 will also make some much-desired changes, but they will probably not provide the changes required to keep Rocket League – a six-year-old game at this stage – alive.

What Is The Fornax Blueprint Series?

The Fornax Blueprint Series is a collection of item blueprints that are coming to the game as part of Season 6. They will drop "shortly after the Season begins" and include a pretty cool new Goal Explosion that actually transforms into different comic book pages every single match. It joins the selection of new Rocket Pass Items, the Item Store additions and the brand new Nomad Battle Car as one of Season 6's principal features. Here's what Psyonix had to say about it:

The fun doesn’t stop with the Rocket Pass; we’ve got the Fornax Series coming into play as Blueprints shortly after the Season begins. Featuring the stylish Mamba Car, this series mixes new and old with some totally re-imagined classics. Slip on a pair of Pixelated Shades: Multichrome or get holographic with the new Troika: Roasted Wheels. We’ve also got a new Shade Raid Goal Explosion that transforms every match into the pages of a comic book.

What Is In The Fornax Blueprint Series?

So far, the Fornax Blueprint Series has four confirmed items included, each of which are special in some way or another. Considering how great Season 6 seems to be so far, we are actually pretty curious to see how these blueprints turn out. The known blueprints are listed below, with all "Feature" descriptions being taken from Psyonix's official Season 6 announcement press release.

ItemItem TypeFeature
MambaCar BodyThis series mixes new and old with some totally re-imagined classics.
Pixelated Shades: MultichromeWheelsSlip on a pair.
Troika: Roasted WheelsWheelsGet holographic.
Shade RaidGoal ExplosionTransforms every match into the pages of a comic book.

This is basically everything that we know so far about the Fornax Blueprint Series. It doesn't look particularly impressive, but the items that are here are pretty solid (as you can see in the thumbnail of this article). It is certainly nice to see that the Rocket Pass and Arena are not the only things new coming to Rocket League in its latest Season, and we're keen to jump in when Season 6 drops on March 9, 2022.