All Neon Nights Challenges & How to Complete Them in Rocket League

Neon Nights is finally here, replacing this Year's Lunar New Year celebrations and introducing a selection of Challenges that yield unique rewards.

Rocket league neon nights challenges
What are the challenges in Rocket League's Neon Nights celebration? | © Psyonix

Neon Nights is here, and it's exactly what we expected it to be: pretty darn great! There's a lot of fun to be had, with a variety of great cosmetics to equip and enjoy. What's more... Grimes is featured pretty damn heavily here, and that ain't a complaint. In fact, here's a little bit of a spoiler... She may, possibly, be EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for January! You'll have to wait for the official announcement for that to be confirmed, though.

Alongside the fantastic new LTM that is being introduced and the free Lunar/Chinese New Year Bundle that has been plopped into the game stands an event that, while it does replace the beloved Lucky Lanterns celebration, is certainly worth its salt. That goes for whether you are a fan of Grimes or not, and it goes for whether you are a fan of cosmetic items or not. Why do I say this? Well, I say this because Neon Nights goes further than just whatever's in the Item Shop right now, but the plethora of great challenges that are available as well.

Neon Nights does not only feature Grimes, but also features a selection of great Challenges, all of which present you with rewards upon their completion. Some are – obviously – better than others, but it doesn't matter all that much because it is not just about the rewards, it's about the fun had whilst completing the Challenges. This is a great idea for an event because it incentivises players to enjoy and experiment with the game. Let's take a look at these Challenges, and what you can expect from them...

These are the Neon Nights Challenges

Below are the challenges associated with the Neon Nights Event, including the number of times that you need to complete the tasks, and the Rocket League Item that you will be rewarded with.

Challenge DetailsNumber of TimesReward
Play 5 Matches while driving Aftershock, Esper, Gizmo, Nexus, Scarab or Vulcan in Online Matches during Neon Night 2022.5Grimes (Limited Player Banner)
Get 15 Shots on Goal in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.15Gravitator (Limited Topper)
Earn 35,000 XP in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.35,000Player of Games | Grimes (Limited Player Anthem)
Score 3 Goals in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.3Grimes (Limited Wheels)
Get 35 Centres or Clears in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.35Shinigami Eyes | Grimes (Limited Player Anthem)
Play 20 Online Matches (Repeatable 5 Times)20 (x5)Golden Moon (Rare Reward Item)
Get 3 First Touches in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.3Octane: Grimes (Limited Decal)
Get 10 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.10Space Queen (Limited Topper)
Get 5 Assists in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.5Braided (Limited Trail)
Win by 2 or more Goals in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.1Fireworks – Multichrome (Limited Animated Decal
Get 5 Aerial Hits (above the top of the goal) or 5 Goals in Online Matches during Neon Nights 2022.5Uncanny (Limited Rocket Boost)
Win 10 Online Matches1020,000 XP (XP Boost)

Neon Nights is a pretty stellar event, with a tonne of stuff to do if you so desire. By completing these challenges, players can obtain a variety of free Rocket League Items, a large amount of XP, and some wonderful Grimes Player Anthems. Honestly, the only thing we can complain about here is that it's a shame to see Lucky Lanterns go.

Rl neon nights challenges
Here are the Challenges available as part of the Neon Nights Event. | © Psyonix

Ultimately, it's all about celebrating music. All of the items here (apart from, perhaps, the XP Boost) relate somewhat to music, and it's a great way to lead us into Grimes' new album. Look: it's not my kind of music, I'm not a fan of this kind of Electronic Dance Music, it's all noise to be... but good on her for getting this new album out, I'm sure that it will be fantastic, and I'm sure that many players are going to love her inclusion in Rocket League. More of this, Psyonix, please!