RLCS 2022-23: Karmine Corp Win Their First Regional Event!

The EU Fall Cup of the RLCS 2022-23 season is behind us – Carmine Korp prevailed against the competition and earned important points on the way to the Major. Here's a recap of all the action that happened over the last couple of days, as well as what place your favorite team currently has in the standings.

Karmine Corp wins RLCS EU Fall Cup 2022
Karmine Corp just won the EU Fall Cup. Pretty awesome, right? | © Psyonix

The RLCS 2022-23 season is well underway, as we've already seen the first two big tournaments in each region during the Fall Split. The best teams in the world need to perform on the big stage and earn points in order to secure their spot in the first Major of the year. Over the last couple of days, we witnessed some amazing Rocket League plays – in the end, it was Karmine Corp that came out on top of the EU Fall Cup.

Here's how it all went down, what place your favorite team is in after the tournament and what's happening in the RLCS in the upcoming weeks.

Karmine Corp Beats Quadrant To Become EU Fall Cup Champions

It's been a dominant performance from Karmine Corp for the entire Playoff Bracket, defeating the current RLCS World Champions (Team BDS) 4-2 in the second quarterfinal. The opponent in the semi-finals was not exactly easier, because facing Moist Esports, they had to overcome yet another tough competitor from last year's World Cup. In the grand final, it was Karmine Corp vs. Quadrant – with the better ending for the French esports team.

It was also the first time Karmine Corp had won an EU Regional in Rocket League. Thanks to their glorious victory, they are currently at the top of the ranking and are qualified for the Fall Major. Due to strong performances so far, Quadrant (21 points), Oxygen Esports (20 points) and Moist Esports (18 points) are also doing quite well – after the “top 4”, there is a big gap between the other teams. Here is the current leaderboard:

RLCS 2022-23 EU Standings Karmine Corp on top
Here are the current standings – Karmine Corp is on top of Europe! | © RL_Esports via Twitter

Next up in the RLCS 2022-23 schedule is the Fall Invitational, which will take place from November 3 to November 13. It will be the least regional event before heading into the Fall Major later this year. As usual, you can watch your favorite team live on either Rocket League's Twitch or Rocket League's YouTube Channels.

If that's not enough because you're reaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyy excited about the Fall Major in December, you can still secure tickets to see the spectacle live. Just check out the following tweet if you want to know more about it: