Rocket League Dingo Hitbox & Decal Details

Let's take a look at the Rocket League Dingo's Hitbox, and what that means for the vehicle. Also, what variations are available for the Dingo?
rocket league auriga series and dingo hitbox
Let's take a look at the popular Dingo vehicle in Rocket League, and its Hitbox. | © Psyonix

Utterly bizarre. Does Psyonix even know what a Dingo is? They are yellowy-orange, not freaking green... Seriously, guys, what the hell? Anyway, now that I have got that off my chest – apologies, it's the Aussie in me – it's time to talk about the Dingo Battle Car in Rocket League. It's pretty great, and comes with some fantastic items. Speaking of new items, we answer a few item-related questions: what is the Rocket League Dingo Hitbox, and what versions of the Dingo are available?

Before we take a look at the Dingo Hitbox in Rocket League, here's everything that you need to know to get all caught-up on Season 4...

What is the Rocket League Dingo Hitbox?

The Rocket League Dingo is an enforcer with an Octane Hitbox, providing some pretty solid handling for this supremely green vehicle. The Octane Hitbox offers a pretty fantastic turning circle, and genuinely good handling. It stacks up very well against the other hitboxes in Rocket League. It doesn't have quite the reach of something like a Dominus, but the Dingo will handles bloody well, and is rumored to be one of the best vehicles in Rocket League to date. If you want a more in-depth look at the Rocket League Dingo's Octane Hitbox, check out our detailed Octane Hitbox guide...

Rocket League Dingo Gets Crimson & Orange Decals

In August, Psyonix introduced an Orange Dingo, followed by a Crimson one in early October. The latter is still available in the Rocket League item shop, as of writing. Click on that link if you want all the details, but let's just say this: the Rocket League Dingo has never looked better. With the orange, the car is finally the same color as the animal it's freakin' based on. Oh, and the crimson version just looks dope. It's not pricey, either. Get in quick, before it gets taken off the item shop!

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: August, 2021]

What Items Are Coming in the Rocket League Auriga Series?

  • Glitch and Astro-CSW Wheels
  • Humid Haze Animated Decal
  • Encryption Decal
  • Inamorata Goal Explosion
  • The Dingo

The Rocket League Auriga Series features not only the Dingo, but more than twelve fantastic other items that are available in the item shop. Keep in mind that the item changes from day to day, so for a deep dive on today's Rocket League Item Shop, check out our daily Rocket League Item Shop article, updated each and every day.

How to Unlock the Rocket League Dingo and Auriga Series Items

Pick up items from the Rocket League Auriga Series, such as the Rocket League Dingo, at the item shop, or as blueprints. If you picked up a blueprint after a map, use credits to build the item and pop it into your inventory. Alternatively, these items will begin appearing in the Rocket League Item Shop over the next few weeks. Sounds good? Yeah? Okay, I'm off to play Rocket League. Enjoy the Rocket League Auriga Series and the Dingo. Oh, and as always, eat a pizza.

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