Rocket League DeLorean Returns: Hitbox & Reel Life Decal Details

The DeLorean has returned to Rocket League, bringing with it a brand new Reel Life Decal and new Wheels. What is the DeLorean Hitbox, and how can you get your hands on one?
Rocket league delorean reel life decal
What is the Delorean Hitbox? What's the brand new Reel Life Decal? Let's check it out! | © Psyonix

Great Scott! It's time to dive into Rocket League's brand-new DeLorean Reel Life Decal, and check out those sexy new wheels. If you love Back to the Future, then Rocket League's Summer Roadtrip Event was a special treat for you a few months ago, and you'll be pleased to see the return of this iconic vehicle.

That being said, many still wonder about Rocket League's DeLorean Hitbox, and what it could mean for the vehicle. Oh, and what are these new items? They look pretty slick. What's in the Back to the Future V2 bundle, how much does it cost, and is it worth it? Enough blabbering on and on and on, it's time to answer your questions...

The DeLorean and its new Reel Life Decal ain't all we've got for you, enjoy. Here are a few articles to help you get yourself acquainted with Rocket League...

What is the Rocket League DeLorean Hitbox?

The Rocket League DeLorean features a Dominus Hitbox, providing it greater reach for easier saves and a longer range. Being a Dominus, the Rocket League DeLorean Hitbox means that the vehicle is capable of faster and easier goal saves, whilst impressing with a reasonable turning radius and fantastic reach – courtesy of being slightly longer. We won't dive into the details of the Dominus Hitbox, but if you want more details, including how it will affect your DeLorean, check out our detailed guide...

What is in the Rocket League Back to the Future V2 Bundle?

  • DeLorean Time Machine Vehicle
  • DeLorean Time Machine Wheels
  • DeLorean Time Machine: Reel Life Decal
  • Hoverboard Topper
  • Marty Jr. Topper

What is the Back to the Future V2 Bundle & DeLorean's Price?

The Rocket League Back to the Future V2 Bundle costs 1100 RL Credits, or about $10 USD, and the Back to the Future Reel Life Upgrade costs 300 RL Credits on its own. The bundle includes all of the listed items, and is not as extensive as the Back to the Future Bundle that dropped back with the Summer Roadtrip Event. All this being said, it's still super nice to be seeing the DeLorean available again in Rocket League!

When is the Rocket League DeLorean & Back to the Future V2 Bundle Available?

The Rocket League DeLorean, as well as the Back to the Future V2 Bundle, will be available between October 21 and October 25. Additionally, the Reel Life Decal will be available between the same dates as a separate, cheaper purchase. This is directed at players who already own the DeLorean Time machine vehicle. You better get your hands on the bundle soon, and check out this fabulous new Decal, so that you don't miss out! Since the Rocket League DeLorean Hitbox is a Dominus, you're going to want to get your hands on it...

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