What is Faking in Rocket League Quick Chat?

Faking can be a pretty toxic tactic in Rocket League, but also very effective. What does it mean when your team mate tells you to fake in the Rocket League Quick Chat?

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Here's how to Fake in Rocket League... | © Psyonix

We all have that one mate who's obsessed with demo's in Rocket League, that one guy who will insist upon faking at kick-off, just to see that fiery explosion. Now, whilst that bloke can be a rather irritating piece of work, he/she does have a point. It might be toxic, but using the Rocket League Quick Chat to organize a fake can lead to some pretty fast goals.

That's not to say that we're necessarily endorsing the move. As we said: faking is toxic as [fork], and we'd not recommend it. Especially if you don't want to piss off your opponents too much. An eye for an eye, am I right? Anyway, for those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, it's time to crawl out from under that rock and learn about faking in Rocket League Quick Chat!

Before we dive into Faking in the Rocket League Quick Chat, here are a few other guides that might interest you. If they don't... we'll be very disappointed in you.

What is Faking in Rocket League Quick Chat?

A fake is when the player in front pretends to be going for the ball at kick-off, but at the last moment pulls away. This is organized via Quick Chat, or perhaps team speak, so that the player's teammates are ready to take their role in the kick-off. There are a couple of things to understand when faking using Quick Chat:

  • I Got It: If another player uses this quick message when you are in front, he is saying that you should fake the Kick-off, tricking the opponent and letting your teammate take the ball in the ensuing chaos.
  • Take the Shot: When another player tells you to "Take the Shot" at kick-off, this could mean a few things. Perhaps he wants you to race forward and try to snatch the ball at kickoff, but in the context of faking, it's a little different. When faking in Rocket League, "Take the Shot" generally means that you are behind and that your teammate wants to fake and allow you to take the ball.

Generally, people don't really say "Faking" in Quick Chat, instead they use either "I Got It" or "Take the Shot" to indicate whether you should either make a fake, or take the ball after your teammate makes a fake. Either way, it's pretty toxic, but can be quite effective when trying to score a quick goal. Let's break down faking a bit more for you. We'll explain in greater detail, but we actually already covered Faking in Rocket League – so check out the video!

How to Fake in Rocket League

  • Either tell your teammate in team speak or quick chat, "Take the Shot" or "I Got It".
  • If you are close to the ball and your teammate says "I Got It", then drive past the ball and don't hit it.
  • If you are further from the ball and your teammate says "Take the Shot" then you need to be available for the ball to be passed directly to you.
  • More or less, the following needs to be done:
    • One player "Fakes" the kickoff
    • The opponent hits the ball, passing it to another player on your team
    • The first player drives ahead.
    • The second player now hits the ball down the patch, allowing the faker to catch the ball and score a goal.
  • Seriously, this stuff is hard to describe in writing, just watch the video, it's much easier to understand when you see it visually. The fake is the second Rocket League skill explained in the video.

Well, there you go. Our exhaustive guide to Faking in Rocket League, and how to use Quick Chat to fake in Rocket League. It's a pretty fun skill to use, but always remember, your opponents will catch onto what you're doing pretty quick. Don't repeatedly use the same trick, because they will adapt, and you'll become too predictable. Good game, boys and girls, good game and good luck.

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