WWE Summerslam Pack In Rocket League: Content & Release Date

On the occasion of the upcoming Summerslam, fans can now look forward to a collaboration between Rocket League and WWE. Roman Reigns and John Cena will enter the Battle Arena.

WWE Rocket League Bundle
The WWE Summerslam Pack brings John Cena and Roman Reigns to Rocket League. | © Psyonix

When Rocket League is collaborating with Formula 1 or James Bond, it makes sense because the focus (at least partly) is on cars. However, when Psyonix announces a new partnership with the WWE, you definitely have to take a closer look.

Sure, with Knockout, we have at least one mode in Rocket League where you can grab your opponents and knock them out of the arena. But I can't think of any more parallels to wrestling. Anyway, John Cena and Roman Reigns are coming to Rocket League soon. You can find out how, where and when here!

WWE Summerslam Pack In Rocket League

The WWE Summerslam Pack will be appearing in the Rocket League Item Shop for a limited time soon. No, there will be no tables, ladders, or chairs to smack your opponents on the hood with in the battle arena. Instead, the bundle includes two brand-new Decals inspired by two of the biggest WWE wrestlers in recent years.

John Cena

In addition to being an invisible, part-time wrestler, Hollywood star and freestyle rapper, John Cena is now a Decal in Rocket League. With his famous slogan "You can't see me" you can now drive your Octane through the arena. And yes, your opponents can still see you and your awesome tricks & flips.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is now what John Cena was a few years ago – WWE Champion. His decal is also available for the Octane... so you can become the "Tribal Chief" yourself and spear your opponents' bodies through the arena!

In total, the WWE Summerslam Pack will cost you 500 Rocket League Credits. This is significantly cheaper than other collaborations that Psyonix has already released this year. However, you only get two decals... you have to decide for yourself whether it's worth your money.

Psyonix x WWE – Release Date

The WWE Summerslam Pack will be available on July 28th at 10:00 PT and will remain in the Rocket League Item Shop until August 2nd. So if you're a WWE fan, you should flex your muscles, whip out your wallet and treat yourself to some new items for your battle car during this period.

Rocket League Season 7
is still going on for quite a while, and personally I think John Cena's green looks really nice in summer. But black is always pretty clean as well – so you can't do that much wrong with either of the two Items.