Acend Decided To Bench Kiles

Okay, this year is so weird for Valorant. Sentinels don't qualify for a major. 100 Thieves are constantly changing their roster. And now, Acend, current Valorant world champions, are left with only three players in their team. Someone stop this, okay?
Kiless riot
Any ideas for a worthy stand-in? | © Riot Games

So, it is now official – Acend has decided to bench Vladyslav "Kiles" Shvets, a player who specialized in playing Controller and Sentinel Agents, and thus had a significant role in the roster. After Acend failed to qualify for the VCT Stage 1 Masters tournament, the organization decided to bench Santeri "BONECOLD" Sassi, so for now, the team has only 3 players, and VCT Stage 2 starts in less than a month. Let's see why Acend decided to make such decision.

Why Acend Benched Kiles?

Just as BONECOLD may have been benched for a somewhat unsatisfactory performance at VCT Challengers, here we think Kiles' case is more due to events in Ukraine.

There is no official statement from Acend about this, but the inability to send a player to LAN tournaments is definitely something inconvenient for the organization. We see this in the case of FunPlus Phoenix, who despite winning the entire VCT Challengers, could not make it to the LAN in Reykjavik.

Who Will Step In For Kiles?

Sources say that the team is testing two new players that are currently Free Agents, these are:

  • Yiğithan "DeepMans" Kesici (ex-Wave Esports)
  • David "Fizzy" Figueiredo (ex-Team BDS)

If that turns out to be true, then the Acend roster for VCT Stage 2 will look as follows:


Real NameRole
zeekAleksander ZygmuntPlayer

Patryk Kopczyński

cnedMehmet Yağız İpekPlayer
DeepMansYiğithan KesiciPlayer
FizzyDavid FigueiredoPlayer
NbsLaurynas KisieliusCoach
MilanMilan de MeijAssistant Coach

What do you think about it? Do you consider this roster strong enough to qualify for a Stage 2 major? Reach us on our Instagram and Discord, and let's chat!