The Best Valorant Cosplays

Valorant doesn't have a lot of Agents yet, but that doesn't stop people from cosplaying the existing ones. Here are a couple of the best Valorant cosplays we found.

Best valorant cosplays
Are you ready for those goodies? | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Are you ready for some of the best Valorant cosplays? Last time we showed you the best cosplays from Apex Legends. Today we want to shift focus and look at the Valorant cosplay scene. There are some real highlights this time as well.

is an art
in itself. It's the perfect expression of fan love! What greater compliment to a character than wanting to be the character? Here are a few of our favorite Valorant cosplays.

The Best Valorant Cosplays

Jett (Oichi)

Class pose and class editing! This Valorant cosplay just has the vibe you need.

Sage (Sorcehri)

A similar pose to the first lady, but a completely different feel. This Sage cosplay shows that it doesn't take much to capture the soul of a character in a single image.

Viper (Peyton)

Okay, this Viper cosplay is just awesome. The look in the first picture gives us the creeps, but that's what makes it such a good cosplay.

Yoru (TwiinCosplay)

Cosplaying isn't limited to girls. This Yoru cosplay is not just the token male representative. It's a worthy entry to the list.

Sage (EmilyGhoul)

We couldn't help but add a second Sage to the list. It was just too good to exclude.

Reyna (AliciaMarieBODY)

When I tell you I GASPED... like, holy cow, this is a beautiful cosplay of Reyna and I will bow before this queen any day.

Chamber (VALORANT - France)

Listen, I don't even know if VALORANT - France is the correct name to put here, but I don't understand a single word of French and this cosplay has me mesmerized either way. There's a reason so many in the comments were like "what do you mean this is real life?!"

Which of these was your favorite?

Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.

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