Team Liquid Triumphs at EMEA Last Chance

The EMEA Last Chance tournament did not have a particular favorite; all the teams were equally strong. However, once again, Team Liquid proved to be the best.
EMEA Scream
ScreaM's team qualified for the Valorant World Championships! | © Team Liquid

This may have been the most challenging tournament of the year for EMEA teams. The top 8 teams from Europe, CIS, and Turkey competed against each other for one slot at the Valorant Champions; the winner took it all, and the rest were left with virtually nothing. And this time, the ones who took it all were the folks from Team Liquid.

Since ScreaM's team failed to qualify for the recent Valorant Masters tournament, many people underestimated them and rather expected G2 Esports, Guild, or SuperMassive Blaze to succeed. However, Team Liquid once again proved that they are still one of the top teams out there, and one defeat can't break them, no matter how big it is. Let's take a look at the path they had to take to secure that sweet Champions slot.

EMEA Last Chance Bracket & Standings

VCT Emea Last Chance
EMEA Last Chance Bracket | ©

As you can see, Team Liquid did not have an easy road. Okay, you can say that One Breath Gaming was an underdog of this tournament, so this 2:0 score (with Ascent being won 13:0 by Team Liquid) comes as no surprise. However, for the next 3 matches, they had to face Guild and G2, teams that are not only considered the best in the EMEA region, but also in the entire Valorant eSports scene.

The final standings of the EMEA Last Chance tournament go as follows:

1st placeTeam Liquid (Qualified for Champions)
2nd placeGuild Esports
3rd placeG2 Esports
4th placeFutbolist
5th/6th placeOxygen Esports/SuperMassive Blaze
7th/8th placeAnubis Gaming/OneBreath Gaming

EMEA Last Chance had no prize pool; it was all about a Valorant Champions slot.

EMEA Last Chance Recap

It was an incredibly exciting tournament for all EMEA Valorant esports enthusiasts, so let's take a deeper look into the stats of what actually happened there. Did Team Liquid turn out to be the best in the statistics as well?

  • Most represented country: Turkey (15 players, 38% of all participants)
  • Player with the most kills: Leo "Leo" Jannesson (Guild Esports, 248 kills total)
  • Player with the least kills: Ayman "Tuna" Mosaad (Anubis Gaming, 4 kills total)
  • Player with the most kills per map: Konur Alp "qw1" Şahin (Futbolist, 19.5 K/Map)
  • Player with the most deaths per map: Wassim "keloqz" Cista (G2 Esports, 19.1 D/Map)
  • Player with the highest KDA ratio: Leo "Leo" Jannesson (Guild Esports, 2.23 KDA)
  • Player with the lowest KDA ratio: Ayman "Tuna" Mosaad (Anubis Gaming, 0.37 KDA)
  • Grand Final MVP: Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom (Team Liquid)
  • Most played map: Split (8 times)
  • Least played map: Icebox (3 times)
  • Most played Agent: Viper (11 players)

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