Envy's Valorant Roster Moves To OpTic Branding

As some of you may know, Envy Gaming merged with OpTic at the end of last year, so it was only a matter of time until their rosters started changing colors. What does this mean for the Valorant squad?
Envy optic
What does the branding shift mean for Envy's Valorant roster? | © Riot Games

Okay, what's going on, the VCT Stage 1 starts today, and suddenly, we find out the Envy squad will be playing for OpTic? Calm down, it's actually not a big deal; it has nothing to do with any drama or OpTic buying out players. It's all due to the deal between Envy Gaming and OpTic, which is going to make the two organizations one NA esports powerhouse. Apart from the color change, everything will remain the same. In fact, all of Envy's rosters are slowly transitioning to OpTic; it all started with their Halo roster, and now it's time for Valorant.

OpTic Valorant Roster

It was only a matter of time, but we didn't think it would happen as early as VCT Stage 1. A couple of days ago, we even got to see players Victor and FNS pose in their jerseys on the OpTic website, which was already a hint of what's coming. And today, it's all official! Starting from their first VCT 2022 match (February 13 against Rise), the squad we used to know as Envy will play under the OpTic banner.

OpTic Valorant Roster
NicknameReal NameRole
FNSPujan MehtaPlayer (Team IGL)
yayJaccob WhiteakerPlayer
crashiesAustin RobertsPlayer
VictorVictor WongPlayer
MarvedJimmy NguyenPlayer (Loan from FaZe)
ChetChet SinghCoach

What does this rebrand change for us? Virtually nothing. And for the players? Well, this deal between Envy and OpTic definitely means more money, and that also means more opportunities and better preparation for upcoming VCT tournaments. That being said, if you're cheering for FNS & the boys, you should be happy.