MOUZ Forms a Valorant Roster!

MOUZ, one of the most established German eSports organizations, has decided to invest in the Valorant roster for the upcoming Regional League. And well, only one team can get the VCT Promotion, so the stakes are pretty high. What are the five players they believe in?
Mouz valoooo
MOUZ went international! | © MOUZ

After Riot announced the VRL (Valorant Regional Leagues), which is one way of getting a VCT promotion, numerous organizations started to invest in fresh players to try their luck in the primary Valorant eSports circuit. And today, MOUZ, a German organization that has been around for 20 years now, decided to form an international Valorant roster. The team consists of players who already have some experience in the semi-pro scene and have played for organizations like Team Liquid and Heretics. Get to know them all!

MOUZ Valorant Roster

For many months now, MOUZ has been giving us hints on their social media profiles that they might expand into Valorant, and with how big their other rosters are (especially CSGO one), many people expected a team with 5 superstars. However, the organization has decided to take a slightly different approach and believe in some lesser-known players whose potential is hard to deny.

NicknameReal NamePrevious TeamNation
al0ranteFelix BrandlHereticsGermany
AmilwaAmine SaidiHereticsFrance
memsetLaurent WerlyRix.GG ThunderFrance
KryptixJames AffleckTeam LiquidUnited Kingdom
LuzuhJoseph LooseRix.GG ThunderUnited Kingdom

All these players played with each other together before under the name "MMix" and recently won a closed qualifier for the VRL DACH, where they will now play as MOUZ.

The most popular player from this roster is definitely "Kryptix", who represented Team Liquid for a couple of months last year, but decided to take a little break from eSports and was replaced by Nivera. It's good to see him back, especially after the recent success of his former team, he is probably very determined to get back to playing in official VCT tournaments.

The team's IGL (In-Game-Leader) will be "Amilwa", who together with "al0rante" played for Heretics last year.


Vrl dach evolution
Will we see MOUZ at a major this year? | © Riot Games

MOUZ will make its debut on February 15 at the VRL DACH tournament, where eSports organizations from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria will compete for a prize pool of €25,000 and one VCT promotion. And honestly, as we review other rosters, MOUZ has a really good chance to win the whole thing, but you know; it's eSports, anything can happen. By the way, all teams at VRL DACH are international (look what you did, Acend).