Valorant Player of the Month, October 2021: Nivera

Nivera only played in one official tournament, but what he did there was enough to easily pick him as our next Valorant player of the month.

Team Liquid Valorant Nivera
Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom | © Team Vitality

You may know Nivera from his achievements in the CS:GO scene, where he played for teams such as Vitality and Heretics. By the age of 19, he managed to win events such as BLAST Premier and Intel Extreme Masters. It all looked like this young man had a promising future ahead of him. However, due to changes in official competitive rules that eliminated the possibility of creating 6-man rosters, Nivera left the CS:GO scene once and for all. You can learn more about it in a short documentary about him:

Just last month, Nivera joined Team Liquid to help his older brother (yes, Nivera is ScreaM's biological brother) qualify for Champions, the Valorant World Championships. Guess what, he did it! And in such style that we didn't have a hard choice with picking him as our Valorant Player of the Month. Although he didn't have the chance to fulfill his dream of becoming an undisputed CS:GO world champion, it looks like he will have that chance in Valorant.

Nivera & Valorant

EMEA Last Chance was Nivera's first official tournament in Valorant. Moreover, he joined Team Liquid on September 25, 2021, 2 weeks before the event! It was hard to expect much from him; most people in the community kind of expected that the new player might be more of an obstacle than any help. However, from the first rounds, it was clear that this guy is not to be underestimated.

Nivera started his Valorant career with an ace and finished his first match with a score of 13:0, earning match MVP in the process. Sound good? What if we tell you that he finished EMEA Last Chance with a KDA of 2.01, the second-highest score in the entire tournament. And again, this was his very first Valorant tournament! Thanks to his outstanding performance against the best EMEA teams, he managed to secure a Champions slot for Team Liquid, and we will be able to watch him play again on December 2 in Berlin, fighting for the Valorant World Champion title.

Do you see how crazy this is? The second tournament of his career will be Worlds. That speaks for itself.

Why is Nivera our Player of the Month?

Scream nivera team liquid valorant scaled
Brothers in arms | © Team Liquid

At this point, no one should have the slightest doubt why Nivera is our Player of the Month. If we picked anyone else, we'd be fools. Come on, he literally came out of nowhere, and now we will be watching him at Valorant Worlds. It will be interesting to watch how he fares against teams like Sentinels, Envy, and Fnatic. By the way, as there's still kind of an "off-season" for EMEA teams, Nivera occasionally streams on Twitch, where he plays duo games with his older brother and the rest of the team, so make sure to follow him there (you may learn some new map positions).