New Valorant Agent Mage Leaked

Fade is still pretty new, but we already got a leak for the next Valorant Agent. Who is the new Agent Mage and what are his abilities?

Valorant Agent Mage
What will Mage look like? | © Riot

Apparently Valorant's 21st agent was already leaked and will be called Mage. A very well-known Twitter account, aptly named ValorLeaks, sent off a very short but interesting tweet:

Just four words that are creating a lot of hype in the Valorant community. But who is Mage, and what do we already know about the upcoming agent?

Who Is The New Valorant Agent Mage?

We currently have 20 agents in Valorant. However, only four of them are Sentinels and four are Controllers. With Fade, another Initiator Agent was added in April, so we would bet that Mage will fall into either the Sentinel or Controller class. At least, that would make the most sense if Riot wants to create a balance between the different roles.

Although nothing is really known about the new agent yet, there are already first rumors that the agent might even have been revealed already. According to the user LeanIze, Mage's face might have already been revealed on a player card in the Battle Pass.

If this turns out to be true, Mage would be a new female agent. The picture shows her with light blonde hair with purple highlights and a purple dress. She's also holding some kind of magic potion, which could indicate an agent with magical abilities.

Since Riot has already announced new agents via the Battle Pass many times in the past, it wouldn't surprise us if the Player Card actually anteases the new agent called Mage.

New Valorant Agent Mage Release Date

Obviously, we don't have a release date yet. I mean, there hasn't even been an official announcement of the agent by Riot. However, we would guess that Mage will be released in Episode 5 Act 2 or Act 3. Usually Riot introduces a new agent for Valorant every two months and since we already got Fade in April, it's time for another new addition.

New Valorant Agent Mage's Abilities

Sorry, but we don't have any information about Mage's abilities yet. If we had to guess, we'd guess that Riot is going the League of Legends way here, giving Mage some very colorful animations for her, presumably magical, abilities.

As soon as we learn more about Mage, we will of course update this article and always keep you up to date.