New Leaks Show 1v1 Valorant Game Mode

Valorant has been out for around 2 years. So Riot Games' ideas for the game are enormous with a lot of new game content in the plans. And the latest leaks show a new 1v1 Valorant game mode.

Valorant New Game Mode 1v1
You'll get to officially beat your Valorant friends! | © Riot Games

Riot Games has released a lot of Valorant game modes. They are fun to play, presenting interesting game mechanics outside the normal flow. But now new leaks show we'll be getting a somewhat more serious new Valorant game mode: 1v1. Although this is achievable through custom games, it's just not the same. So let's take a look at the new leaks regarding Valorant 1v1!

New Valorant Game Mode 1v1 Leaks

Because of the famous ValorLeaks on Twitter, we got to know a lot more information about Valorant Mobile, even though Riot Games were hiding that information. And now, he's come out with a new leak stating that a new 1v1 game mode is in the works.

The game mode will probably be best of 10 or best of 13. So you can test your skills and abilities throughout 10 or 13 rounds of 1v1 gameplay against your friends! But the question now still remains: when are we getting the new 1v1 game mode in Valorant?

When Will The 1v1 Valorant Game Mode Be Released?

As a matter of the fact, we don't even know if we'll get the 1v1 game mode. Yeah, we got a leak showing us that it's in the works, but that's it. For all we know, Riot Games could just say "yeah, this isn't working" and throw the idea in the garbage. Without any official Riot Games statement, we can't be exactly sure when this 1v1 game mode will be released. Though with these leaks, we can at least be excited with the best Phantoms for 1v1 showoffs!

That's it for this new Valorant leak. An official 1v1 game mode would be pretty good with set ground rules, so we can do 1v1 best knife battles! But until it's announced by Riot Games, we won't know for sure.