New Valorant Agent 21 Teaser: Water Based Agent

Riot Games is known to place a lot of teasers in-game relating to new maps and agents. And with a new addition to the game, a theory has raised that the new agent will be a water-based agent.

Valorant Agent Water Banner 2
A new water agent is coming in Valorant? | © Riot Games

Valorant's lore has always played a big part in revealing everything new that would release in the game. That includes new maps and new agents. We even knew what Pearl was going to be before it was released. And now it seems the same is happening with a new teaser in Valorant regarding a new agent. So let's look at who the new Valorant agent will be!

New Valorant Agent With Water Abilities From India?

The teaser for the new agent in Valorant was a mail that could be found on the Practice Range. It mentions an organization called REALM which exists to collect ancient artifacts. And the enemy Mirror Agents in Valorant seem to need their help with the mention of the name behind the new Agent in Valorant: Varun Batra.

Val Email
Who is Varun Batra!? | © Riot Games

Varun Batra is a name of Indian origins, so it's speculated the new agent in Valorant will be from India. Supporting the Mage codename of the new agent, fans have come out with the theory Varun Batra will have water abilities. There are multiple connections to this, with the best one being that Varuna is the god of the oceans in Hinduism.

Furthermore, a new symbol can be noticed in the Practice Range, possibly connected to the new agent Varun Batra. The symbol is reminiscent of the Hamsa hand, and in Hinduism, it symbolizes the five elements: air, earth, fire, ethereal, and water. We have an agent for each of those elements - Jett being air, Sage being earth, Phoenix being fire, and Astra being ethereal. The only one missing is water, and that's why players theorize the new agent will be water-based.

And that's everything we know so far about the new Valorant agent. More teasers are bound to come out with upcoming Patch updates. But until then, you should visit our Discord server for discussions about upcoming agents and teasers!