Valorant Patch 6.02 Will Be Delayed by a Week

A malfunction with PBE servers has delayed Valorant Patch 6.02 by a week, which means that the next patch will get released on February 7th.

Killjoy waiting for Lotus Site C changes... | © Envar studio/Riot Games

For about a year now, Riot released Valorant patches every two weeks on Tuesdays, and probably many of you have been waiting for the upcoming update. So yeah, it won't happen this week due to a problem with PBE servers. Let's see everything we know about it so far!

When Will Valorant Patch 6.02 Come Out?

Riot Games announced that the Valorant Patch 6.02 will be released on February 7th, which is basically a week later than initially scheduled. We still have no information about what this update will contain, but if it's something that breaks the PBE servers, it could be something exciting – maybe a new game mode?

As you can see in the tweet above, Patch 6.03 will be released one week after (February 14th), so we'll be back to a regular schedule with Valorant updates.

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