Sentinels Got Eliminated From VCT Stage 1

While not everyone loves Sentinels, especially their approach to the LATAM scene, there is something sad about not seeing this legendary roster at the first VCT major. Let's analyze what exactly happened this weekend.
Sentinels vct champions
What are their plans for Stage 2? | © Riot Games

Almost a year after the Sentinels' victory at Masters Reykjavík and their domination of the global Valorant scene, we write about this legendary roster getting eliminated from Stage 1 shortly after the VCT Challengers Playoffs began. Weird times, we're living in, but one thing is for sure – they need some changes. We recently informed you about Sentinels hiring a new coach, so something is definitely about to change, but unfortunately, nothing will change the fact that we won't see them at Masters Reykjavík. In fact, this will be the first VCT major tournament where we won't see them.

Version1 Beats Sentinels

And it's all because of Version1, who are fiercely going after their Masters Reykjavik slot. Once again, these two teams had to face each other during VCT Challengers, but this time the stakes were higher – the winner stays in the game, and the loser loses any chance of qualifying for the major tournament. And well, it wasn't easy for both teams:

However, Sentinels had to acknowledge the superiority of penny and his colleagues, and the match ended with a score of 2:1 for Version1. From our perspective, the game was very tight, but as both teams are top-tier, the margin for error was minimal. Some unfortunate picks on the part of Sentinels, some big brain tactics from Version1, and that's just the way it ended.

Version1 vs. Sentinels: Match Stats

To get a better idea of exactly what happened during this match, we've prepared some statistics:

Players' KDA Ratio

PlayerTeamKillsDeathsKD RatioHeadshot Percentage


Team Score233229420.4% average
Team Score228233-521.4% average

TenZ was in a great shape, which you could repeatedly see during the match; he scored 64 frags total. Still, in the end, rounds matter, not frags.

Map Scores

First half48
Second half713
First half66
Second half139
First half66
Second half138

In fact, Version1 only won two rounds more in total, which shows how close this match actually was.

The Future of Sentinels

Sentinels hug
Do you see these guys parting their ways? Me neither. | © Riot Games
Version1 is on their way to qualifying for the VCT Masters major. And Sentinels? Well, we have no idea, they probably will just try to make "comeback stronger" for the VCT Stage 2. Moreover, we wouldn't expect any roster changes despite a poor performance from some players. These guys are the best friends, and honestly, any team could change a player or two, but not them.

After this tournament, Sentinels have collected 40 VCT Circuit points, so they will have at least 7 teams above them after Stage 1 ends. If they want to qualify for the next World Championships, they definitely have to qualify for a Stage 2 major, and probably do reasonably good there (top 4 finish at least). The VCT 2022 season is a little shorter than the previous one, so they won't have so many opportunities to prove themselves – it's all about their Stage 2 performance at this point.