TSM Adds gMd and seven To Their Valorant Roster

To strengthen their roster for VCT Stage 2, TSM has decided to sign Anthony "gMd" Guimond and Johann "seven" Hernandez. However, they still need one more player.
Tsm gmd
Anthony "gMd" Guimond is now a part of TSM | © TSM

While VCT Masters Reykjavik continues, organizations are gearing up for the Stage 2 Playoffs. For most teams, this will be the last chance to prove themselves and have any chance to shine at all this season.

After WARDELL's departure, it was obvious that TSM would not be idle in their search for a suitable replacement and would not let go of their chance to shine during Stage 2. So, it happened – the organization signed Anthony "gMd" Guimond and Johann "seven" Hernandez.

TSM Valorant Roster Updates

Well, new VCT Stage, new roster; it seems to be a tradition now. 5 days before the start of VCT Stage 2, TSM announced a new Valorant roster on their social media profiles:

Again – this is the last chance for the organization to show up for the 2022 season. If they don't qualify for a VCT Stage 2 major, they will likely lose any chance of making it into the Worlds. Here's what the current TSM roster looks like:

Real NameNicknameRole
Yassine TaoufikSubrozaPlayer
Corey NigracoreyPlayer
Daniel AbedrabboRossyPlayer
Anthony GuimondgMdPlayer
Johan HernandezsevenPlayer
Preston DornonJuv3nile

Head Coach

Andrew SeeweraRubyzAssistant Coach
Austin CopelandApexAssistant Coach

What do we think of it? Well, we would consider them underdogs, but they certainly have some potential. And what do you think? Join our Discord, and let's have a chat about it!