Valorant: What Is The GeoGuesser?

If you're eager to get to know the maps better and use your breaks between the games, the GeoGuesser might be just right for you.

Valo Guessr1
Discover a thrilling way to familiarize yourself with locations on the map. | © ValoGuessr

Are you entertained by watching those geeky streamers play GeoGuessr and attempt to guess the most challenging places on Earth? Well, now you can do the same, but in the world of Valorant!

What Is ValoGuessr?

ValoGuessr is similar to GeoGuessr, but tailored specifically for Valorant. Here's how it works: You are given a random location, and you have to accurately determine its position on the map. For instance, if you receive a snapshot of Garage in Split, your objective would be to identify its exact location on the map and mark it correctly!

Points Gained VG
If you are far from the actual spot, you will earn no points. | © ValoGuessr

Based on your proximity to the spot, you earn a certain number of points, and naturally, your aim is to accumulate as many points as possible.

This game is a fun project created by a dedicated member of our Community, and its design and functionality may not be flawless. Please note that it is not developed by Riot Games.

Available Options For Valo Guessr
These are the available options to choose from | © ValoGuessr

Which Maps Are Available In ValoGuessr?

Not all maps are included in the game, and currently, the available maps are:

In addition to selecting the map, you can also choose the number of rounds to play, set a time limit, and adjust the difficulty level.

The game modifiers are another aspect of this game, which include:

  • Guess Map
  • Out of Bounds
  • Inverted
  • Blurry
  • Pixelated
  • 50% Screen
  • and Black&White

All these options are designed to enhance your experience while playing the game. That concludes this article, and we hope we have provided you with an enjoyable way to pass the time while waiting in the queue.

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