A Complete Guide To Crossplay In Apex Legends

Here's a complete guide to crossplay in Apex Legends, including which platforms can play together, how you can enable crossplay, and whether it's even worth it.

Crossplay In Apex Legends
Can you play with your mates on other platforms? | © EA

So, you've just heard that an old friend has also been getting into Apex Legends, and you think: wouldn't be nice to play together. But, disaster, they're on Xbox and your on PC. And then you find out another friend wants to get involved, but they're on Nintendo Switch. What can you do? Do you give up and go your separate ways? Can you even play Apex Legends cross-platform?

Does Apex Legends Have Crossplay?

Yes, friends can play cross-platform with each other on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. So even between console generations, you can play Apex Legends with your friends no matter which platform they're on. And the best part? Crossplay is enabled by default, so you won't need to do anything complicated in the settings to begin enjoying this feature.

It's particularly impressive that they allow crossplay with Nintendo Switch. This feature only exists on a handful of Switch games, besides Apex Legends.

Is It Worth Having Crossplay Enabled?

No, Apex Legends is probably not worth it if you're on a console, but if you're on PC then you should enable this feature. Obviously, if you don't care about how difficult the game becomes with crossplay, and you just want to have fun with your friends, then it's worth it. But console players need to understand: you're at a disadvantage playing shooters with a controller against someone using a mouse. When it comes to aim, it's as simple as this, you're trying to achieve the same dexterity with your thumb as they are with their whole hand. They will always snap on to targets faster, and with better precision than you, and you can't really fight that.

Of course, this is why we have aim-assist on console, but aim-assist doesn't help console to be as good as PC, it just makes shooters playable on a controller. The only time you really have an advantage thanks to aim-assist is in very close-range fire fights. Most of the time you will be at a big disadvantage on console, using a controller, versus a PC. It's not as bad as Warzone because you can still adjust FOV on console, but the advantage PCs have is still noticeable.

How Do You Disable Crossplay In Apex Legends?

If you want to disable crossplay in Apex Legends, it's super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game, and sign into the main menu.
  2. Press Start/ESC and bring up the Settings.
  3. On the first tab, "Gameplay" navigate down to "Cross Platform Play".
  4. Choose "Disabled", and return to the main menu.

If you're in a party with players from other platforms, they will now be removed, and when you start matchmaking, you will now only find players on the same platform as you. Congratulations! You disabled crossplay on Apex Legends.

How Do You Disable Crossplay In Apex Legends
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Will Apex Legends Mobile Be Crossplay?

No, Apex Legends Mobile will not be crossplay compatible with PC or console. Obviously that's going to be somewhat disappointing if you were hoping to play with friends on mobile or vice versa, but it would also be hugely unfair to make someone on a touchscreen play someone on a console or PC. We don't expect them to revert this decision and begin allowing crossplay between Apex Legends mobile and other platforms, but we will let you know as soon as we hear more.

Will you be trying Apex Legends on mobile? What about their biggest competitors plans for a mobile BR?