Battlefield 2042's Game Modes - All-Out-Warfare, Portal, And Hazard Zone

Here's a quick rundown on the modes you're getting if you buy Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield Game Modes
EA DICE have their sights on the competition | © Paul Cheptea

Battlefield 2042 doesn't have a single-player mode, but it does have three distinct multiplayer modes. Here's a rundown on the three core game modes you get in BF2042: Multiplayer, Portal, and Hazard Zone.

Your new copy of Battlefield has just been installed on the console, and the night's free for gaming, but what mode do you play first? Well, Battlefield 2042 s divided into three modes, and each of them offers something vastly different. What's especially nice is that each mode offers a varying degree of sweaty or casual play, so you can suit your mood. But enough chatter, what are these modes?

What Game Modes Are Coming To Battlefield 2042?

There are three main game modes in Battlefield 2042: All-Out-Warfare, Hazard Zones, and Portal. You can find further details about each mode beneath.


All-Out-Warfare is the main multiplayer mode, consisting of the game modes Conquest and Breakthrough, and seven different maps. You have 10 Specialists and 22 weapons to pick from when you play this mode. Each Specialist has their own abilities, but you'll only really see people playing 3 or 4 of the most popular ones.

You can see a gallery of the seven maps beneath:

We'll be honest and upfront with you. These are bad maps. They feel empty and simplistic. But more maps are coming down the line as they release DLC content for the game.

They bring out Weekly Challenges to enjoy in All-Out-Warfare, you can find the rewards and a guide to completing the challenges each week here.


Portal is a mix of older maps and weapons from the franchise, all jumbled together. In short, imagine a BF2: Bad Company soldier using a WWII weapon from Battlefield 2042, and running around a Battlefield 3 map. That's Portal.

But the really exciting part is that all of these assets and maps are entirely at the disposal of the community. Players have almost unlimited control in what they can add and change when making a Portal game. We have a great video on how to use Portal, if we do say so ourselves, so if you get the game and want to start making experiences, check it out here.

Besides community made maps, they also promote official Portal experiences each week in the standard playlists. You can find the weekly playlist updates right here.

Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone is Battlefield 2042's weird take on the Battle Royale; eight teams of four have to search the maps for Data Drives before being fighting each other to be the last team able to safely extract as the map shrinks. The difference is, you can just choose to leave early and walk away early with some rewards. Which completely negates the all or nothing appeal of a BR. Plus, 32 players is just way too small of a number for a mode like this.

Yeah, we know what you're thinking. A Battle Royale would have been better. Luckily, that's coming to Battlefield 2042 in the future…