The Best Marksman Rifles In Battlefield 2042

Using the strongest weapons can give you a huge advantage in Battlefield 2042; the balance is far from perfect right now...So make sure you don't get caught out picking trash! Here's a complete ranking of every marksman rifle.

Battlefield 2042 125
Marksman rifles really stand out in Hazard Zone | © EA

Battlefield 2042 has a lot of depth and diversity in its gameplay, but there's always going to be one question that, when you get down to it, is first on every gamer's mind: what's the best weapon? What weapon should you put the time into leveling? Don't worry, we're the same. And that's why we've broken down the best weapons in the game in our complete guide to the BF2042 meta. But in this article, we're going to go on a deep dive, and rank every marksman rifle in Battlefield 2042. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Marksman Rifles In Battlefield 2042?

3. DM7

Battlefield Weapons DM7
Strong SR-25 vibes from this piece of hardware | © EA

We love seeing high-caliber cartridges used on the AR platform, and this rifle hits that tacticool spot perfectly. It looks great, and it sounds it too – one of the weapons that they really nailed in sound engineering. So why so low? The problem is we already have some great ARs that can do what the DM7 does. If you wanted a seriously long-range capable DMR then you would use the SVK, similarly, if you wanted something mobile use the VCAR. But the DM7, while solid enough, just isn't bringing anything to the game that can't be achieved by other weapons.

2. SVK

Battlefield Weapons S Vk
It's really more of a sniper rifle | © EA

The SVK is in quite a nice place in the meta, that is to say, there's only really one other weapon that can do the aggressive sniping thing, and that's the SWS-10. The SWS-10 is very good, but the SVK has a wider range of attachments thanks to being classed as a marksman rifle. What holds this weapon back right now is the recoil, which makes it hard to accurately hit your follow-up shots.


Battlefield Weapons VCAR
The VCAR is easily one of the most satisfying weapons in the game. | © EA

This is such a great little weapon, it's nice to finally see something as stupid and silly and fun as the VCAR make it into the game. Clearly based on the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, this is basically the semi-auto for people who like to play aggressively. We're not going to sugar-coat it – you need a good trigger finger to make a gun like this work. But if you have such a trigger finger then you can do some nutty things with the VCAR, it feels a lot faster than most weapons and will exponentially reward head and chest shots. Think of this as the high-skill meta.

Battlefield 2042 Marksman Rifle Stats Comparison




Don't be deceived, just take the VCAR for a spin, and you'll see we haven't lost our minds.

That's it for our roundup of the best marksman rifles in Battlefield 2042. We're pretty sure that balance will improve, but as we said at the start, picking the right weapons is crucial to success right now. There are some real duds and there are some broken beauties. Hopefully, we've helped you pick the latter. Good luck out there!