A Wonderful Mistake: Harry Potter Is Now In Call of Duty!

Harry Potter has made it into Modern Warfare 2. The story behind it is a really cool mistake that only the biggest nerds can notice. We'll show you how the Harry Potter universe made it into the game.

Warzone 2 Harry potter Cheat
Harry Potter is now in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 | ©Activision

Harry Potter has flying cars, Warzone 2 has flying boats. But this new discovery could mean that the HP universe is even closer to us in our favorite game than we might think. A small HP Easter Egg has caught the eye of fans and it's a really nice mistake that leads us into the weekend with a smile.

If a small detail is not enough for you, here you will find the complete Hogwarts Legacy Game.

Harry Potter Is Now In Call of Duty

While it's only a small detail and unfortunately, not a fancy Harry Potter skin or a magic wand that can kill our opponents, it's still a unique detail that once again shows just how attentive the community is.

You probably know the character Nova in Call of Duty. If you take a closer look at her, you'll see that she has several tattoos on her left arm, right? If you then look even closer, you will indeed find the deathly hallows symbol on the forearm. Crazy, isn't it? But even crazier is that someone noticed.

Nova has a Harry Potter tattoo from ModernWarfareII

The reason behind the tattoo? Nova's character model also has these exact same tattoos. With trademarks already being a hot topic and with the upcoming release ofHogwarts Legacy, some fans are concerned and have called Activision out. However, we think that this is a fantastic detail and paves the way for a Cross Promo.

Did you manage to find the tattoo? What do you think? Feel free to write in the comments.

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