Warzone Season 2 Will Remove Armor Vests & Backpacks

In Season 2, the devs are going to undo a lot of the changes they made going from Warzone 1 to Warzone 2. One of the biggest reversions will be the removal of plate carriers and backpacks.

Plate Carrier Backpack
Will you be happy to see Armor Plate Carriers & Backpacks removed from Warzone? | © Activision

Warzone Season 2 will be released soon, and it's going to bring sweeping gameplay changes (seriously, there are so many updates we've almost forgotten about the new resurgence map). Generally speaking, they're going back on a lot of the things they changed going from Warzone 1 to Warzone 2.

We recently informed you about the return of "vomit-looting", and we know they plan to address some of the most broken weapons that have lowered the average TTK, but now we've received the news that both Armor Vests and Backpacks are being removed from the game as well.

  • Season 2 will also bring a ranked mode to multiplayer, so if you're more competitively-minded, here's a link to buy MW2.

Armor Vests & Backpacks Being Removed From Warzone 2

As stated in the Season 2 blog post, every player will start with the capacity to use three plates, while medium and large backpacks are being completely removed from the game. This certainly makes the looting in the game less complex, but then it does also mean that players can more quickly get to equivalent power levels, rather than players relying on whatever they're lucky enough to find.

Another benefit that this change might also bring about is a reduction of killstreak and self-revive hoarding. As it stands, if you have a large backpack, you can carry enough Precision Airstrikes to level Al Mazrah City...

Are you excited to see armor vests and backpacks being removed from Warzone? Or, did you like what they added to the game? We're certainly not as hyped as we were about the changes to Perk Packages, also coming in Season 2.

If all the changes in Warzone 2 were annoying you as well, why not check out the DMZ until Season 2 arrives?

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