"Vomit Looting " Will Return To Warzone In Season 2

With Warzone 2, a complex new looting system was introduced...but fans hated it. So, predictably, the devs are going back to the older, more simple loot system from Warzone 1.

Looting Back To Warzone 1
The "Vomit Looting" system from Warzone 1 is returning to Warzone 2. | © Activision

Warzone Season 2 will be released soon, and obviously the most exciting new addition to the game will be the first Resurgence map, but we've also heard about a few changes they're rolling back. It seems they tried to mess with the formula too much when they went from Warzone 1 to Warzone 2, and they p*ssed off a lot of fans. So we will soon see the return of a few classic mechanics in season 2, including "vomit looting".

Vomit Looting Will Return To Warzone!

The traditional looting systems from Warzone 1 will return to Warzone 2 in Season 2 on February 15. If you don't know what we mean by "vomit looting", it's when all the loot just pops out on to the floor when you open a chest or kill an enemy, unlike in Warzone 2 where a player is required to navigate through the crate or body to take what they want.

As Infinity Ward recently announced:

This should be hugely popular with fans, as only a few players seemed to really enjoy the changes made to looting. However, Infinity Ward still hasn't spoken about one of the biggest changes that fans want to see: a higher average TTK. We'll update you as soon as we hear more from the devs.

And if you're getting bored with Warzone, why not try the DMZ?

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