ADS Nerfs Coming to Warzone

Raven Software has recently announced ADS nerfs for Warzone. What does this mean and do we really need it?

Warzone ADS nerf
Aiming will soon become significantly slower. | © Activision

Warzone by now is probably the biggest Battle Royale game on the market in terms of content. With Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, three Call of Duty's have already been integrated into the BR. All weapons of the respective title are also transferred to Warzone. We currently have an incredible selection of over 100 weapons in the game. The fact that it is difficult to maintain any kind of good balance is probably not a big surprise. Raven Software have been doing their best to ensure a balance since they took over the development of Warzone. With almost every major update we get some balance changes, and in between, so-called tuning passes are released every now and then, in which several weapons are reworked. The developers latest plan as of now is a general ADS nerf, which isn't received very well by the community.

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Warzone ADS Nerf

Raven Software announced on Twitter that in the future, they will increase the ADS time, so the time it takes to aim down sight.

Players in Warzone have long complained that, especially since the integration of the Black Ops Cold War weapons and now the Vanguard weapons, the TTK is too short. Players feel that they don't have a chance to react when being shot at, and therefore, die far too quickly.

Raven Software already mentioned that they feel that the older weapons (i.e. MW and BOCW weapons) are now pretty well-balanced, but the Vanguard weapons still need some time. So in addition to the usual simple damage or range nerfs for certain weapons, the ADS time in general will now be adjusted. With a future update, all weapons will aim down sight a bit slower, which should also contribute to a longer TTK, according to the developers.

Why is the Community Outraged?

Well, by slowing down the ADS speed, players who are already aiming and firing at a player are favored even more. So players who have to react to those shots are at an even greater disadvantage because of the slower ADS speed. And that's exactly what players have complained about in the past, that they don't have enough time to react.

Counter-proposals from the community include suggestions such as increasing player health or a general reduction of the damage dealt. It remains to be seen whether Raven Software will heed the community's criticism and completely scrap their ADS nerf.

What do you think about an ADS nerf in Warzone? Does it solve any problems or just make them worse?