The Best Warzone AS44 Loadout | Underrated

The AS44 never found a place since it's introduction with Vanguard, mainly due to its insanely high recoil. But once you learn to control it, you'll be rewarded with an insane TTK.

AS 44 Header
Give this gun a try. | ©Activision

The AS44 is a super high fire rate AR that was introduced into Warzone, when Vanguard was integrated. Since its integration, it could never find it's footing in the meta, largely due to its terrible recoil pattern. Even though the gun has an insane TTK potential, the recoil just deters people from using the gun. We want to make use of it's TTK and fire rate, by making it into a sniper support. This will ensure that most of your gunfights are within a distance, where the recoil is somewhat manageable.

The Best AS44 Attachment Setup

AS44 Setup
The AS44 is actually pretty good. | © Activision/EarlyGame
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelKovalevskaya 615mm
OpticSlate Reflector
StockZAC 12A
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine7.62 Gorenko 50 Round Mag
Ammo TypeSubsonic
Rear GripTaped Grip


These attachments give us a great balance of range, recoil control and mobility. Gung-ho allows us to have no sprint out time, so we stay competitive in those close range gun fights. This will help us compete with the SMGs up close, as the AS44 already has a strong TTK, but the downside of an AR sprint out time, and with Gung-ho we completely eliminate this. As previously mentioned, the AS44 has quite a bit of recoil, which is why we opted for a longer range barrel and Handstop. Both of those things make the recoil a lot more manageable, so we stay viable in mid-range gun fights.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An AS44 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon for the AS44

Just the best sniper at the moment. | ©Activision

The AS44 is a great sniper support, so of course we had to pair it with a sniper. The best sniper at the moment is the ZRG. After the Kar and Swiss got nerfed, this seems to be the go-to option for most people. It still has a relatively quick ADS time, but most importantly, it still is a one shot kill to the head. The ZRG is also a great option for long range sniping, as this has one of the best bullet velocities in Warzone.

The Best Equipment for the AS44

LethalThrowing Knife
TacticalStim Shots

This just seems to be the best option when it comes to Warzone. We all know what the throwing knives do, and why they're so good. As for the Stims, since we are using Gung-ho, this allows you to shoot while you have the movement speed boost, and can help you in a lot of sticky situations.

The Best Perks for the AS44

Perk 1Serpentine
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3

Battle Hardend

Overkill is pretty self-explanatory. As for Serpentine, this perk is just insane when combined with the Gung-ho proficiency, basically giving you extra health in all of your gun fights, which will prove super handy. Lastly, we have Battle Hardend to counter all the snapshot grenades that are being used at the moment.

And that's it, our complete AS44 guide. Definitely give the weapon a try, it might surprise you. It really is worth learning the recoil pattern, so you have access to this TTK machine. But if this gun isn't your cup of tea, give the new UGM a shot.