The Best Shotguns in Vanguard

You like to get in real close? Then you probably need a good shotgun. What are the best shotguns in Vanguard? We got a complete tier list with all available shotguns for you!

Vanguard best Shotgun
What are the best shotguns in CoD: Vanguard? | © Activision

We all hate shotguns and shotgun users, and so we apologize for the following article. We're going to give our toxic readers a rundown on the best shotguns in Vanguard, ranking all of them in descending order from worst to best. We already came up with the best Vanguard loadouts in general, but now it's time we get into more detail.

Not every player is interested in snipers or LMGs, so we will rank all the guns of each weapon category from worst to best for you. If you are looking for the best Vanguard weapon in a specific category, we've got you covered. Today we will continue with shotguns. What are the best shotguns in CoD: Vanguard?

Here you can find the tier list for all the other weapon categories in CoD: Vanguard:

Our Call of Duty: Vanguard Shotgun Tier List

4. Auto-Loading Shotgun

best Shotgun Vanguard Auto-Loading shotgun
This thing is really bad... | © Activision

The shotguns in Vanguard are not very good. Yes, as sad as it is, the auto-loading shotgun is just not good at all. The fundamental problem is that the damage is simply too low. You can never get a one-shot kill, not even at point-blank range. And that lack of oomph and power makes the weapon nearly useless. You'll normally need three hits on target to get a kill and if that wasn't bad enough, the auto-loading shotgun has a really strong felt-recoil, so follow-up shots are needlessly difficult. Honestly, we don't really know what they were trying with this – but if you like a challenge, and you want to see what you can do with this thing, here is our best auto-loading shotgun setup and loadout for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

You already picked your favorite weapon and want to know if CoD: Vanguard will have crossplay? Here you go:

3. Revolving Shotgun

Best Shotguns in Vanguard Revolving Shotgun
The better choice but still not great. | © Activision

The revolving shotgun also isn't great, but it is definitely better than the auto-loading. You'll have to be patient, though, because at first, the weapon is nothing more than a bad joke: it's way too slow, takes a strange amount of accuracy, and does so little damage that you won't even get the kill if the barrel is stuck in the enemy's mouth. But keep at it, unlock the right attachments, and the first shotgun in the game suddenly becomes a killing machine. Add a bit more damage with incendiary ammo, go for hip-fire accuracy and speed, and you'll have a really great time with the revolving shotgun. Obviously it is still a shotgun, so make sure to get in as close as possible.

2. Double Barrel Shotgun

Vanguard Double Barrel Shotgun
The Double Barrel Shotgun is arguably the best shotgun in Vanguard. | © Activision

This bad-boy is easily one of the best shotguns in Call of Duty: Vanguard right now. It offers the most powerful firepower of any Vanguard shotgun right now and can put people in the ground instantly. When combined with our extensive recommended setup, you can expect to be blasting opponents away in any close-quarters encounter, and we can assure you, that will be fun-as-hell. We do have to admit that, in general, Shotguns are not the best choice for Call of Duty: Vanguard right now, but if you insist, then definitely make sure that you are at least using the one of the better ones.

1. Combat Shotgun

Vanguard combat shotgun
This lever-action Shotgun is never going to be meta, but it's does have a bit of range in it. | © Activision

This is the infuriating shotgun that ruined the multiplayer on launch. The Combat Shotgun has much more effective range than all the other shotguns in this list, and when combined with our optimal setup, it still slaps. Look, it's not what it once was, but it's still wild strong.

With Vanguard out and killing it, these are all the Shotguns available at launch. Now, of course, we will update this article as new seasons and updates bring new weapons to the game. From our perspective, though, we hope that something a little more substantial will come to the shotgun department. Anyway, these were the best Shotguns in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and of course, we are also providing rankings for all the other weapon categories in Vanguard. Until then, make sure to check out our best Vanguard Loadouts, and if you prefer playing Warzone, we also have the best Warzone guns right here for you.