The Best LMGs in Vanguard

If you hate reloading and want to have as much ammunition as possible, an LMG is probably the right choice, so what are the best LMGs in Vanguard? We got a complete tier list with all available light machine guns for you!

Best Vanguard LM Gs
What are the best LMGs in CoD: Vanguard? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard returns to WWII, and this had fans worried at first about a potential lack of weapons. But luckily, we still got a nice selection of ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Marksman Rifles and Snipers on launch. Like every real gamer out there, we thoroughly tested all of them and asked ourselves what the best guns in Vanguard are. We already came up with the best Vanguard loadouts in general, but now we want to get into more detail.

Not every player is interested in marksman or sniper rifles, so we've ranked all the guns from each weapon category from worst to best for you. If you're looking for the best Vanguard weapons in a specific category, we got you covered. Since we already talked about the best SMGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, DMRs and the best assault rifles in Vanguard we will now continue with the LMGs. What are the best light machine guns in CoD: Vanguard?

6. Bren

Best LMG Vanguard Bren
The Bren just isn't as good as the other LMGs. | © Activision

This will shock Warzone players, but in Vanguard range is far less important, and so yes, the Bren really is the worst LMG for multiplayer. The Bren in Vanguard plays like a mix between an AR and a LMG, but it mainly gets the bad features. It has the high damage output of a LMG, but is also really slow – like a LMG – and has a rather small magazine like an AR. Without the right attachments, the Bren feels extremely heavy and slow, so you need to grind some levels to be able to get a nice setup. With the right attachments, the Bren can actually be viable, even though there are better options. Just try our Bren setup and loadout for CoD: Vanguard.

5. Type 11

Type 11
The Type 11 is better than you might be expecting... | © Activision Blizzard

This classic Japanese LMG will be very off-putting to most players at first. It has the most bizarre default iron sights, and the aim-down-sight angle is quite unnatural. But trust us – get this thing leveled up enough to slap an optic on, bring high-capacity mags, and you're laughing. The Type 11 has great penetration and potential firepower, it also has far less felt-recoil than you might expect, but mobility is an obvious setback. We advise you to lean into its nature as an LMG and adjust your playstyle; set up strong mounted positions and lay down fire on objectives.

For a rundown on how to build the optimal version of this weapon, check out our Vanguard setup guide for the Type 11.

4. DP27

Best Vanguard LMG DP27
Also looking strange, but better than the Bren. | © Activision

What is it with those WWII light machine guns? Why do they all have crazy magazines sticking out or a ridiculous plate on top? The DP27 has another of these strange magazines on top, hence its name, the 'pizza gun'. The DP27 doesn't feel as slow as other LMGs and has surprisingly low recoil. It's definitely the most mobile LMG in Vanguard and can probably be compared to the Bruen from Modern Warfare. If you want to use the DP27 in Vanguard Multiplayer, we recommend a close range setup and to play really aggressively. Just make sure you make good use of its high mobility paired with a huge magazine. Here is our best DP27 setup guide for Vanguard.

3. MG42

best Vanguard LMG MG42
The best LMG in the game! | © Activision

Finally, an LMG with a normal drum magazine. The German MG42 was the best LMG for multiplayer for a long time. It has great recoil control, a beastly rate of fire, and isn't as slow as you'd expect at first glance. With 125 rounds in the mag, you can mow down whole teams without reloading and destroy half the map. However, despite its rather good mobility, it still is a light machine gun and not best suited for run-and-gun gameplay. The MG42 in Vanguard is best used to lock down objectives or hold corridors, so make sure to use it in the right situations. To make the most of it, try our MG42 setup and loadout for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

2. Whitley

Whitley Vanguard
That thing is huge... | © Activision

The Whitley LMG was added with Vanguard Season 2 and is a really fat piece of equipment. It has the highest damage per bullet of all Vanguard LMGs and is particularly suitable for medium to long distances. With the right setup, it kills everything with just two hits and is extremely precise. Especially in multiplayer, it is causing some discontent in the community because it is so extremely powerful right now. If you haven't unlocked the Whitley yet, you should definitely get it quickly before it gets nerfed again. Here is our best Whitley setup and loadout.

1. UGM-8

The currently best LMG. | © Activision

The UGM-8 was introduced with Vanguard Season 4 and is a real monster. It can best be compared to the MG82 from BOCW, which was pretty darn popular in Warzone for a long time. The extremely high rate of fire along with good damage at range and quite controllable recoil make the UGM-8 an absolute top tier weapon. Here is our best UGM-8 loadout.

These are all available LMGs in Vanguard right now. Of course, we will also provide rankings for the Snipers and all the other weapon categories of Vanguard. Until then, make sure to check out our best Vanguard Loadouts and if you prefer playing Warzone, we also have the best Warzone guns right here for you.