The Best DMRs in Vanguard

Do you like precision and have a quick click finger? Then DMRs are perfect for you, so what are the best DMRs in CoD: Vanguard?

Best DMR Vanguard
Wait, what? Which DMR is the best in Vanguard? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out, and it's bloody brilliant. We already had the chance to test the multiplayer in the Open Vanguard Beta and had quite a lot of fun with it. Now, in the launch version of the game, things are going swimmingly. The movement and feeling overall returns to the Modern Warfare engine (sorry, but I just didn't like BOCW at all). We already came up with the best Vanguard loadouts in general, but now we want to get into a little more detail.

Not every player is up for sniper rifles or shotguns, which is why we create a separate ranking for each weapon class, in which we classify all weapons from best to worst. Are you looking for the best assault rifle, the best MP, or the best sniper in Vanguard? We'll show you! We've already covered Assault Rifles, Snipers, LMGs, SMGs and Shotguns, so we continue today with DMRs. What are the best DMRs in CoD: Vanguard?

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4. SVT40 Vanguard DMR

SVT40 Vanguard
The damage is good, but it lacks the pace. | © Activision

The SVT40 has the highest damage in the DMR class, and that sounds good at first, doesn't it? You'd think, but on the rather small multiplayer maps in Vanguard, speed and mobility are everything. Anyone who wants a chance against assault rifles or submachine guns with a DMR has to be damn fast. The rate of fire and the speed can be increased with a few attachments, but the two other DMRs in CoD: Vanguard are simply more nimble. Since the damage is good, but not enough for one-shots, the SVT40 is not worthwhile in multiplayer matches, if at all on really big maps like Gavutu or Red Star. Maybe she can shine in Warzone? Here is our best SVT40 setup and loadout.

3. M1 Garand Vanguard DMR

M1 Garand
The weapon with the iconic Ping. | © Activision

Everybody who has played a World War II shooter knows the M1 Garand – the weapon with the iconic ping sound when the magazine is ejected. I was really looking forward to the weapon in advance, but you have to be a little patient at the beginning. Without attachments, the Garand feels very heavy and damn slow, and you always need at least two well-aimed hits for a kill. As soon as you have a few suitable attachments and can increase the rate of fire and mobility a bit, the M1 Garand in CoD: Vanguard is a damn solid DMR. Try it out with our M1 Garand setup and loadout.

2. M1926 Vanguard DMR

A fun Marksman Rifle. | © Activision

The M1916 was introduced with Vanguard Season 3 and is quite a powerful DMR – at least for multiplayer. Why? Quite simply, with the right attachments, it can be turned into a fully automatic assault rifle. Like all DMRs, it doesn't have a lot of ammo reserves, but that's not too much of a problem in multiplayer, where you die and respawn frequently anyway. With our setup, however, the M1916 is fully automatic, has good range, and is also quite accurate. Even though a proper assault rifle will always be better, it's still one of the more fun DMRs out there. Here's our "just for fun" guide for Warzone.

1. G-43 Vanguard DMR

G 43 Vanguard
The classic G-43, always a fan favorite. | © Activision

The German G-43, short for Gewehr 43, is at least as well known as the M1 Garand. The DMR is very fast and comes with a fairly large magazine. Thanks to the high rate of fire for a DMR and the good mobility, it is our number 1 among the DMRs. With the right attachments, the rate of fire, damage and magazine size, as well as the speed of the G-43 can be increased even further, making the weapon absolutely deadly in the right hands. If you have no problem with semi-automatic weapons and trust your aim, you should definitely give the G-43 a try. Here is our best G-43 setup and loadout.

Now that Vanguard has launched, on the 5th of November, we will continue to update this ranking with all the new shotguns that have come to Vanguard. Of course, we will also provide rankings for the Marksman Rifles and all the other weapon categories of Vanguard. Until then, make sure to check out our best Vanguard Loadouts and if you prefer playing Warzone, we also have the best Warzone guns right here for you.