The Best Warzone M1916 Loadout | Is It Really A Marksman Rifle?

The M1916 is one of the two new weapons that came to Warzone with Vanguard Season 3. For all you marksman rifle lovers out there, this is the loadout for you.

We've done the impossible. We've made a good Marksman rifle. | © Activision Blizzard

Okay, we're going to level with you. This weapon is not meta. It will never be meta. And that's because it's described by Call of Duty as a Marksman Rifle, so you're only allowed to carry 40 rounds at a time, for some reason (despite the fact this weapon uses the same 8 mm Klauser that you can carry 210 rounds of if you're using an MG42). But you can make a fun weapon, and it holds up okay at long-range. Here's the best attachment setup for it.

The Best M1916 Attachment Setup

M1916 class
Why would you ever use a marksman rifle? | © Activision
MuzzleMX Silencer
BarrelZP 762mm Precision
OpticSVT-PU Scope 3-6x
StockZP M502 Custom

Carver Foregrip

Magazine6.5mm Sakura 20 Round Mag
Rear GripGroovede Grip
Perk 2On-Hand

We're gonna level with you, this gun just sucks, and you should never ever use it in a loadout. Yes, you can turn it into a full auto gun, but you'll only be able to carry 40 rounds with you, since this gun uses sniper ammo. Nothing speaks for this weapon. Snipers have the potential of a one shot, with a low recoil AR meta upon us, any AR will beam you before you'll be able to do anything with this gun. But if you do insist on torturing yourself with this weapon, these are the best attachments. We just want to maximize recoil control and range.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An M1916 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The M1916

H4 Blixen class
Still a great do it all SMG. | © Activision

If you're gonna go off meta with the M1916, you might as well want to stick to at least one meta gun, so we opted for the H4 Blixen, which is a great do-it-all SMG. It's not as OP as it was a few weeks back, but it still has insane mobility, low recoil and a very competitive TTK. Might as well go with a gun that is capable of killing an enemy, since killing someone with the M1916 is going to be a challenge in itself. Here's our complete Warzone H4 Blixen loadout guide.

The Best Equipment For The M1916

LethalThrowing Knives
TacticalSnapshot Grenades

Since we're going with some close-range capability, we'll go with aggressive equipment picks and choose Throwing Knives for the lethal slot, and Snapshot Grenades for the tactical. The former to finish downed enemies in a frantic fight, and the latter to help your team co-ordinate the push.

The Best Perks For The M1916

Perk 1


Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3

Combat Scout

In any loadout that uses two primary weapons, we obviously need to bring Overkill. But in the other slots we can have some fun, so we've taken Combat Scout because it's so effective on Caldera, and Cold-Blooded to hard counter anyone else using Combat Scout.

And that does it for your complete overview of the M1916. We know it's a wacky setup, but trust us, it's great fun. However, if it just feels trash for you, then why not take the XM4? Which is still a great option if you like Black Ops Cold War weapons.