Verdansk Is Returning To Warzone!

The Warzone devs have now publically stated that Verdansk is coming back into the map rotation for Warzoner. Here are the details, and a probable release date for Verdansk.
Last Hours of Verdansk Start
We're going home fellas. | © Activision Blizzard

Even though most fans were in agreement that Caldera came at a good time, and was better than Verdansk in many ways, it didn't take long for the various complaints to start. From bush campers to Peak, and the weird positioning of Capital, the community had a lot to say. Of course, the community made a lot of complaints about Verdansk as well, but nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Hence, more and more players have been asking for a return to Verdansk in some form or another, and the devs are listening...

How Will Verdansk Return To Warzone?

In a recent roundtable discussion between the Warzone devs and the community, it was announced that Verdansk will be returning to Warzone in some form or another. Here's the clip in question:

Verdansk will be returning to certain platforms next year from CODWarzone

Now, this is obviously very exciting for Warzone fans, even if you love Caldera, more maps has got to be a good thing, right? But the worrying part of that announcement was when they mentioned Verdansk would only be returning to "certain platforms".

If Verdansk is only returning on "certain platforms" then this means one of two things. Either the old-gen consoles are getting excluded, or (heaven forbid) they're talking about Warzone Mobile. Warzone Mobile might be a cool game for when you're on the bus or the toilet, but let's all be honest with each other, it wouldn't be as exciting as a return to Verdansk for Warzone proper.

When Will Verdansk Be Released?

Verdansk will be re-released in 2023, we don't have a more specific date so far, but we know it certainly won't be any sooner. Right now, the devs have Warzone 2 to work on, and we all know that what Warzone needs most is basic stability before new content. Although, we have to admit we're hyped for Godzilla...