Caldera Is Much Better Than Verdansk Ever Was, Players Agree

If you still insist on moaning about how much you miss Verdansk, then you need to get over yourself and move on. Caldera is a much better map, and according to a recent poll, most players agree.

Caldera Better Than Verdansk
Verdansk was so damn campy. | © Activision Blizzard

As with so many things in Call of Duty, the new map caused a ton of arguments as soon as it was released. So many Reddit threads were started with the cliché “Is it just me or… [insert overwhelmingly popular opinion]”. It was nauseating. But thankfully, it was finally put to a community vote, and we can now go on with our lives, accepting that the new map is fine, good even. And that so much of this moaning is just nostalgia for a simpler time. RIP the summer of 2020, Warzone's peak.

Now, we know that we can never put an end to the whining for good; the tanks and bomber-planes coming in Season 2 will bring a whole new wave of complaints. But let's go over the poll, and breakdown why Caldera is a fundamentally better map.

Caldera Beats Verdansk In Community Poll

In a recent poll by content creator ModernWarzone, the community voted in favor of Caldera as the better map over Verdansk. Okay fine, we admit that the result was very close, but either way, it should hopefully stop people moaning for a few weeks. Here's the poll:

Those results make perfect sense. We admit Caldera has its problems, there are too few POIs, Capital and Peak should be swapped, and the bush campers can be annoying. But if you're annoyed about bush campers, then maybe you're forgetting rooftop campers? And more importantly, Caldera is fundamentally less campy than Verdansk and forces you into action constantly. While the wilderness between POIs, peppered with rocks and other cover, allows for great battles over range, the island design of Caldera prevents people from hugging the border of the map and hiking their way into the final circle. Yep, Caldera is here, and it's great, and you need to move on from Verdansk.

What would you have voted for? Are you still missing old Verdansk? Maybe the new Warzone map coming with Modern Warfare 2 will be a better fit for you?