Tanks Are Coming To Warzone

Recent promotional material for Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 has been leaked, and it looks like tanks are on their way to Caldera.

Warzone Tank
Get ready for tanks to role into the Pacific! | © Activision Blizzard

As if Vanguard Royale couldn't get any wilder (fyi, 4-man bomber planes are inbound), we've recently seen leaked material for season 2. Based on their marketing, it seems as if Call of Duty want to bring tanks into the new Warzone mode Vanguard Royale. We've already seen tanks in CoD somewhat recently (2019), but not in Warzone so far. We're a little nervous about how they'll balance this, but here are the details.

Update: Tanks Now Confirmed (February 8)

Since we originally wrote this article, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has confirmed that yes, they will be introducing tanks into both Warzone and Vanguard. Here's what they wrote:

Interestingly, they also show a motorcycle quite prominently in this post. So besides “Armored War Machines” we can probably also expect some fast little bikes to zip around on.

Tanks Appear In Warzone Season 2 Cover Art

First things first, here is the leaked cover art for Vanguard and Warzone Season 2:

This leaker has been proven accurate countless times in the last two years, so we're as close to 100% confident as it's possible to be. But as with any leak, it's not confirmed until you see it in the game with your own eyes.

The tanks are very prominent in the image, and you might be tempted to think they just make a generic WWII backdrop. But with every previous season we've had in Warzone, everything in the cover art is relevant. And even the smallest details are there to hint at new changes coming to the game. So we would be shocked if tanks don't appear in Vanguard Royale. There is one alternate theory worth mentioning, however, it might be that these tanks are exclusive to Vanguard's new big lobby game mode.

Vanguard's New Big Lobby Game Mode

In a since-removed Tweet, the same leaker shared an image of the new multiplayer coming to Vanguard, and it was too large for any of the current modes, it was clearly designed for a bigger lobby-size than normal. The alternative theory suggests that the tanks seen on the cover art will be used in this game mode. The map leak was effectively confirmed by Call of Duty when they had the tweet DMCA'd, so there's good reason to believe this theory.

The new mode could either be the 50-players-a-side Ground War, as seen in Modern Warfare 2019, or it could be the return of War, another big lobby game mode from Sledgehammer's last CoD game, WWII. Who knows, maybe the tanks will appear in both a new multiplayer mode and Warzone. Right now, we're just waiting for more info on season 2. So far, we only know about the new Operators and the new weapons coming in season 2.