The Best Warzone Bruen Mk9 Loadout | The AR Of LMGs

If you want a change from the boring old assault rifles, you should try the Bruen Mk9. With our setup, this LMG offers incredible potential.

Bruen Header
Is this LMG still viable in 2022? | © Activision

The LMG Bruen Mk9 came into play with Modern Warfare Season 3 and is therefore one of the oldest weapons in Warzone. The special thing about this weapon is that with the right attachments, the Bruen can be played almost like an assault rifle. An LMG paired with the advantages of an assault rifle? Yep, that's as strong as it sounds.

How To Get The Bruen Mk9?

You either buy a bundle that contains a Bruen Mk9 weapon blueprint and unlock it that way, or complete the challenge. To unlock the Bruen, the challenge asks you to get three kills through or near smoke in 15 different matches. So you should always have smoke grenades with you and a thermal optic that allows you to see through smoke.

Note: The challenge works in Warzone and Modern Warfare multiplayer, but is much easier to complete in multiplayer.

The Best Bruen Mk9 Setup

Bruen class
This LMG is still a very solid option. | © Activision
MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor


XRK Summit 26,8“
LaserTac Laser


VLK 3.0x Optic
Ammunition60 Round Mags

As always, the monolithic suppressor is mandatory. It increases the range and hides you on the minimap when shooting. The barrel increases range, but also bullet velocity and recoil control. And to round us out, the laser increases speed when aiming. Lastly, we have the 60 round mag. This is arguably the most important attachment, as it increases our mobility, which turns this LMG into an AR. 60 rounds should be more than sufficient, to bring down multiple enemies.

Equipment & Perks For A Bruen Mk9 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The Bruen Mk9

H4 Blixen class
Even after the nerfs, this is a top tier SMG. | © Activision

As previously mentioned, the Bruen's strength lies in the fact that it combines the advantages of an LMG with those of an assault rifle. So it can be used at medium and slightly longer distances. Therefore, if you also want to get into close combat, you should bring an SMG. We recommend the H4 Blixen. Even after the nerfs, this is still one of the best SMGs in Warzone. The H4 Blixen just brings everything you'd expect from a Meta SMG to the table.

The Best Equipment For The Bruen Mk9

LethalThrowing Knife
TacticalSnapshot Grenade

Since we are playing an LMG, we wanted to pair it with snapshot grenades. LMGs are notoriously good at wall banging, so we can use the snapshot grenades to locate unsuspecting campers, and just kill them through walls. The throwing knife should be pretty self-explanatory.

The Best Extras For The Bruen Mk9

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Combat Scout

For perks, we'll go with the current meta. We need Overkill to be able to carry both weapons, and Battle Scout and Cold Blood are always helpful. Getting enemies live-pinged is totally OP with Combat Scout, and Cold Blood is the counter that prevents that happening to us. If possible, try and get Restock in the second loadout, so you can spam the snapshot grenades, and annoy the crap out of your enemies.

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