The Best Warzone AX-50 Loadout | Still Very Popular

The AX-50 was the go-to sniper for most players back in Verdansk, until the Kar took over. After the sniper changes, it looks like people are going back to the AX-50. I'm assuming nostalgia plays a big part in why it is so popular. This is the current meta Loadout for the AX-50.

AX 50 Setup
Throwback to the early seasons of Warzone. | © Activision Blizzard

The AX-50 is an absolute classic. Back in the first few weeks and months of Warzone it was wildly popular, especially with the thermal optic. Everyone and their mum was using it, and then, slowly but surely, we all began to using the Kar instead. We used the Kar for years, but then the "sniper massacre" happened during the infamous Vanguard Season 3 patch. After the sniper changes that rendered the Kar and Swiss useless on Caldera, rifles like the HDR and AX-50 been gaining more popularity again.

The HDR has always been the go-to long range sniper, where you just chill somewhere and pick people off at 200'm. On the flip side, we have the AX-50, which is a lot faster than the HDR but not quite as effective, at those super long ranges. Let's dive into the best AX-50 class.

The Best Attachment Setup For The AX-50

AX 50 class S4
Throwback to the early seasons of Warzone. | © Activision
Attachment SlotName
MuzzleMonolithic Surpressor
Barrel32" Factory Barrel
LaserTac Laser
StockSinguard Arms Assasin
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape

This is the classic build from back in the day, and why would you change it? It has a relatively great ADS time and decent bullet velocity. The same as before. There really isn't any reason to use this gun, since the ZRG is better in every single category, and is by far the better option. I guess, most people don't have the ZRG leveled, and so if you're just a casual looking for a chill sniping night, then the AX-50 is more than sufficient for that job.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An AX-50 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The AX-50

AS 44 set up
This gun is super underrated as a sniper support. | © Activision

The AS44 is a gun that deserves more love. It is one of the best sniper support options. It has Gung-ho, so it can keep up with SMGs in close range engagements. Furthermore, it has an insane fire rate, which makes it more forgiving. Lastly, it has a great TTK potential, and since we're using it as a sniper support, the recoil is more than manageable. Give this gun a go, it's really good and deserves a shot.

The Best Equipment For The AX-50

LethalThrowing Knife

The throwing knife helps you finish your kills, and with the recent buff, you can one shot enemies if you're in a pinch. As for the stims. We want to use stims, so we can abuse Gung-ho more effectively. Being able to sprint around like a mad man, and shoot at the same time is just insane, especially if you're moving at lighting speed.

The Best Perks For The AX-50

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3


Pretty standard perk setup. Overkill so we can run 2 primary weapons and Cold Blooded to counter all those Combat Scout users. This time we opted not to use combat scout, so we could run Amped. Amped helps us swap weapons faster and can help us, if enemies happen to catch us off guard, while sniping.

And there you have it, the classic AX-50. Not the best sniper, but it will definitely do the job on a chill sniping session. But with the NZ-41 still being absolutely insane, I'd stay away from snipers for now.