The Best Warzone HDR Loadout | The Kar Is Dead, Long Live The HDR!

The HDR is probably still the best sniper in Warzone if you're going for targets over 200 m away. Here's the current meta attachment setup.

Best HDR Warzone Loadout
If you're looking for king of long-bois, look no further. | © Activision Blizzard

It should be no wonder that the HDR ranks as one of the best Warzone snipers to this day. Sure, newer and flashier rifles have been released in the last couple of years, but not one has been able to rival the range and bullet velocity of the HDR, except for maybe the 3-Line Rifle.

The HDR has unmatched capability at the extreme-long-range because it has very little bullet drop-off, and so you can aim your reticle directly where you mean to hit at 250 m or more. This makes it far easier to snipe with if you're going for those long-shots. It also has a fantastic damage profile, so even if you miss the head, you'll crack your target's armor and should be able to down them in a follow-up shot. Of course, it's not a fast rifle, but that's to be expected from a traditional sniper like this. Anyhow, here's the best attachment setup for the HDR.

What Happened To The HDR In The Last Balance Patch?

The HDR became much, much stronger compared to other sniper rifles. Because, most of the other sniper rifles were nerfed into the ground in the recent Season 3 balancing patch. And now only a few of them have one-hit-down potential past 70 m. Most noticeably, the Swiss K31 and Kar98k have fallen out of popularity thanks to the recent nerfs. And this has led people to seek out alternatives.

We really need a sniper to be able to down a target with a single headshot at any range. And now, only these rifles are capable of doing that:

  • HDR (MW)
  • AX-50 (MW)
  • ZRG 20mm (BOCW)
  • 3-Line Rifle (VG)
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

Hence, the HDR is back, and business is booming!

The Best Attachment Setup For The HDR

Best HDR Attachment Setup
Say hello to zero dropoff. | © Activision Blizzard
Attachment SlotNameUnlock Level
MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor33
Barrel26.9" HDR Pro9
LaserTac Laser27
OpticVariable Zoom Scope24
StockFTAC Stalker-Scout13

There should be no surprises here. Basically, we're maximizing range and velocity, making the rifle suppressed, so we stay off the mini map, and giving ourselves as much of an ADS boost as possible. Thankfully, all of these attachments can be acquired by level 33. Even if you don't own Modern Warfare, that won't take you long to accomplish.

That was a quick refresh for you guys on the best HDR loadout for Warzone. Considering how poor later snipers proved to be over extreme-long-range in Warzone, let's hope that the next batch of modern guns can bring us a new HDR. We'll have to wait and see what MW2 brings later this year.