The Best Warzone MP5 (MW) Loadout | Still Going Strong

The MP5 it is still one of the best SMGs in Warzone, and with our setup, you'll get the most out of the weapon!

Warzone MP5 Setup Guide
Mira here with the weapon in question. | © Activision

The MP5 has been one of the most popular and most played weapons since the release of Modern Warfare 2019. It was also pretty broken in Warzone at first and was, for a time, by far the best SMG in the game. Of course, that changed after the integration of BOCW and Vanguard, but it's still very viable.

The MP5 is particularly suitable as an all-rounder SMG because it is very easy to control and can be used at longer distances than most SMGs. But since it's still a submachine gun, we recommend using it as a secondary weapon at short to medium ranges and playing an assault rifle or LMG as your primary weapon.

The Best MP5 (MW) Setup

MP5 atttach
MP5 still slaps. | © Activision
BarrelMonolthic Suppressor
LaserTac Laser
UnderbarrelRanger Foregrip


45 Round Mags
GripFTAC Collapsible

The suppressor offers us more range and at the same time hide us on the minimap. While the laser and foregrip, will increase ASD, sprint-to-fire speed, and general mobility. And the larger clip is a must here as we need enough damage per mag to down more than a single opponent.

With this setup you can react very quickly at short distances and hit even when firing from the hip. You’ll find yourself outgunning most almost everything up to medium distances with the MP5. But you should rather fight with an assault rifle at long distances.

Equipment & Perks For An MP5 (MW) Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For An MP5 (MW)

Bruen class
The Bruen is still a top LMG. | © Activision

While the MP5 is an easy-to-control SMG that still works well at medium range, we still need to pair it with something for longer range. Because we don't always want to show only sniper/sniper support loadouts, we decided to use an LMG here. The Bruen Mk9 was also extremely OP in Modern Warfare times and is still very viable. With our Bruen Mk9 setup you're sure to enjoy it.

The Best Equipment For The MP5 (MW)

LethalThrowing Knife
TacticalSnapshot Grenades

The best combo for aggressive players. Throwing knives allow you to quickly eliminate downed opponents, and you always know where the next opponent is thanks to the snapshot grenades.

The Best Perks For The MP5 (MW)

Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Combat Scout

A fairly self-explanatory choice, right? The loadout is quite aggressive, which is why we benefit a lot from the reduced explosion damage of the E.O.D. perk. Overkill is mandatory in order to be able to carry both weapons and in the last slot we decide on Combat Scout, which marks enemies as you hit them - but Amped would also be a good choice to be able to switch between weapons faster.

That was all about the Modern Warfare MP5 in Warzone. If you are looking for a different SMG, try the Marco 5.