CoD Pros Don't Want To Play Modern Warfare 2

Optic HECZ, the current president of Optic Texas, revealed that his CDL players had early access to MW2, and they weren't interested in playing the game.

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Is MW2 already a flop? | © Activision & @H3CZ via Twitter

In their most recent podcast, the current Optic Texas president, Optic HECZ, stated that the players all had early access to Modern Warfare 2, and that they weren't interested in playing the game. This is a bit concerning, especially when you consider the amount of hype for this game, and after Vanguard, we really need a great Call of Duty again.

Why Don't The CDL Players Want To Play MW2?

Optic released an end of the season podcast on their YouTube channel, where they talked about the days leading up to CDL champs, and one particular moment sprang out to some fans. Optic HECZ mentioned that he and the players all had access to MW2, and this was before Champs.

But there actually are a couple of good reasons behind the players not wanting to play the game. Firstly, as I just said, this was before CDL Champs, so of course the players won't be focused on the new game. They simply didn't have the time for it, and it doesn't make sense playing the new CoD, with Champs coming up.

Furthermore, they probably only had access to an Alpha build of the game, which won't be a fully refined version of the game, and it probably wasn't a complete game. The biggest reason, is the fact that the servers for the game won't be online. While you can hop into offline games, and try out all the stuff, there is only so much to see and do in an unfinished game.

So HECZ saying that they don't want to play the game, definitely isn't any indicator for the game being bad. The surrounding circumstances just made it impossible for the players to truly dive into the game, and actually test it. In the upcoming weeks, we will get more info surrounding MW2, and I'm sure we'll be seeing some of the pros at the Call of Duty Next event. If the game sucks in the beta, then we can start panicking.

Here is what we know so far about MW2's new gameplay features: