Modern Warfare 2 Beta | Registration, Release Date & Start Time

Modern Warfare 2 is ahead of schedule and playtesting will begin soon. Here's an overview of the alpha and beta, including the release date, the registration process, and the content you'll get to play.
Modern Warfare 2 Alpha beta Playtest Release Date
Fingers crossed for more night missions in MW2! | © Activision

The long-awaited Modern Warfare 2 is now within sight. It's no longer a distant dream, we can see light at the end of the tunnel. And that of course means that we're also getting closer to the alpha and beta testing stage.

Thanks to a recent leaker, we have the first details of how the alpha playtest will be organized and what kind of content you'll get to play. We also have an idea of when the open beta will begin, but that's further away. Here's what we know so far.

When Is The Modern Warfare 2 Alpha?

According to known Call of Duty insider "Ralph", the Modern Warfare 2 Alpha begins in early August 2022. As he writes:

According to those acquainted with Call of Duty’s schedule, we should start seeing live internal Gameplay during the month of July, whilst the general public will be able to play firsthand in early August.

This is a little earlier than usual but not by much, so we're fairly confident in this kind of release window.

When Is The Modern Warfare 2 Beta?

Amazon recently gave away the date for beta by accident by including it in the description for copies of Modern Warfare 2, it's going to begin on August 15. Here's the since-deleted description for Modern Warfare 2's beta:

Beta Leak
Someone's getting in trouble at Amazon HQ... | © Amazon

We should expect the PlayStation exclusive beta to begin the weekend before.

How Do You Register For The Modern Warfare 2 Alpha?

We don't know exactly, but it will almost certainly be open to you if you're willing to pay. Historically, Call of Duty alpha playtests have required you to pay into the CoD system somehow. Usually, you need to own the current game, in this case Vanguard, or you need to have pre-ordered the game you're playtesting.

CoD are sometimes criticized for taking this approach to playtesting, but to be fair, they don't owe fans a free beta, and this does ensure that the more hardcore fans (whose feedback is most valuable) will make up most of the playtesters.

How Do You Register For The Modern Warfare 2 Beta?

There will be an open beta that you don't need to register for, you will simply have to download the beta client when it is available on your platform. However, you can join the beta a few days before everyone else if you pre-order the game.

What Will You Get To Play During The MW2 Playtests?

This leak is thanks again to Ralph, who claims that we will get to play the following during the Modern Warfare 2 playtests:

The Alpha will once again incorporate the incredibly successful, Gunfight; a four-player, two-versus-two mode. A minor prelude for the more fleshed-out beta following soon after.

That's exactly like Modern Warfare 2019's playtesting, and basically Vanguard's from 2021, so we're confident that this is also true.

We will update you as soon as we get more details regarding the upcoming alpha and beta playtest events.