Modern Warfare 2: Beta Size Leaked, Surprisingly Small

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II's beta has now been added to the PlayStation Store database. Thankfully, it's a more reasonable size than most fans were expecting, and those with the worst connections should be able to get it downloaded in time.

Modern Warfare 2 Steam
Modern Warfare 2 is going to be released at the end of October. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is now approaching release, but before then, we get to play the beta. As is Call of Duty tradition we'll be getting one weekend in mid-September for PlayStation users to try the game first, and then on the following weekend Xbox and PC users can join the fun (although that's probably going to be reversed in favor of Xbox users soon). We expect the beta to include Gunfight and a couple of 6v6 maps with Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination. More than enough to get a feel for the new IW9 engine.

As the first weekend of the beta (starting on Friday, September 16) is exclusively to PlayStation, the beta files have been uploaded to the PlayStation Store first. We've just had confirmation about the size of the beta in the PS Database, so in this article we'll go over how big the game is, and when it will be available to pre-download.

How Big Is The Modern Warfare 2 Beta?

According to PlayStation Game Size, who monitor the backend of the PlayStation Store, the first version of the Modern Warfare II beta has been uploaded, and it's going to be 15-30 GB depending on platform and region. We know that PS4s will have a bigger download than PS5s, and that if you're in the EU region then your version of the game will be even larger (unsure why).

This is a good size for the beta, and we should be happy it isn't larger. Vanguard was a mere 9-11 GB, and Battlefield 2042 was only 16-20 GB, but BOCW was more than 30 GB, and we expected MW2 to be the same. Especially because they're introducing so many complex gameplay mechanics via the new engine. But if the beta is only 15-30 GB then almost everyone should be able to get it download before the beta begins on Friday, so long as they get it pre-downloaded as soon as it's available.

We're surprised that the Modern Warfare 2 beta isn't going to be bigger, especially as it's going to include all of these new features:

When Can You Pre-Download The MW2 Beta?

The Modern Warfare 2 beta begins on Friday, September 16 at 09:00 PT (12:00 ET / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST) and if we're using the previous CoD betas as a guide, we should expect the pre-download to be available between 48 and 72 hours before, so on the Tuesday or Wednesday. Even with a terrible, terrible internet connection, this allows enough time to get fully installed before the official start time.

We'll be playing the beta from the moment it starts, and we're most excited about seeing how the new movement works and whether they truly have removed slide-cancelling. But what about you? What are you most interested in checking out during the beta? Maybe the new weapons, or perhaps the bizarre set of equipment we're getting?

If you're as hyped as we are about playing MW2, check out the maps we've been able to confirm so far: