Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 | Setting, Guns & More

There are already numerous leaks about Call of Duty Black Ops 2024, even though Modern Warfare II isn't even out yet. We don't know what Activision was thinking of putting files for MWII and Treyarch's next CoD in the Warzone Mobile Alpha files, but hey, now we already have some info to share with you.

Black Ops Gulf War
Is CoD 2024 set in the 1990s? | © Activision & EarlyGame

Call of Duty has always had problems with leaks, but it seems these problems have reached new heights. Leakers have started revealing information about CoD 2024, which is more than two years away. How did they get access to this information? Apparently, Activision thought it was a great idea to put some files containing info about MWII and CoD 2024 in the Warzone Mobile Alpha.

Why those files were in there to begin with remains a mystery. In those leaks, we got a look at a few of the maps and guns that are going to be in Treyarch's next title, and also what setting it is set in. So, let's dive into all the details.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 Release Date

Well, did you really think there was already a release date for CoD 2024? We just got the release date for Modern Warfare II, and nothing has been officially announced for Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 yet. If we had to guess, we'd guess fall 2024, so sometime between late October and early November 2024.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 Setting

Treyarch's newest Call of Duty, set to release in 2024, is supposedly set during the Gulf War. It will be a follow-up to their Black Ops Cold War title, which was set in the early 1980s. The Gulf War took place ten years later in 1990-1991, but this title will expand into the early 2000s, which means it will deal with other conflicts during the 90s.

This information comes after a leaker revealed some maps that were found in the Warzone Mobile Alpha that were connected to Treyarch. We already know that Treyarch won't be releasing a CoD title in 2023, as Call of Duty is moving to a two-year cycle in the future.

As is with every Treyarch title, they will take a lot of liberties when it comes to historical accuracy. We can also expect a lot of different conflict integrated into this game. Apart from the Gulf War, the Battle of Mogadishu was also mentioned in some of the leaks. But it seems the main setting will be around the Middle East, and its various conflicts during the 1990s.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 Maps


One of the maps that was leaked, named 'Stealth', shows part of a US Airbase in a desert region. The image shows an airplane hangar with an F-117 parked inside it. The F-117 was used from 1983 to 2008, which fits the time frame of the Gulf War where the F-117 was also one of the main aircrafts. Aside from the Gulf War, the F-117 was also used during the Balkan conflict, which also took place in the 1990s. So we can be pretty confident that Treyarch's next title is set in the 1990 and will span into the early 2000s.

Due to copyright, we can't show you the picture, but if you head to Twitter and search for CoD 2024, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Activision is really upset about all of these leaks, so they are removing all of them as fast as possible, but we all know, once something hits the internet, it's never really deleted.


'Pillage' is the second map that was leaked. It shows a part of Saddam Hussein's Palace, 'Babylon'. The image shows a room in said palace, where one of the walls was blown up. Saddam Hussein also points towards the Gulf War and fits the time frame of the 1990s up to the early 2000s. From these two maps, we are almost certain that the new Black Ops will take place in the Middle East. Whether Saddam Hussein will be part of the campaign story, we don't know yet, but Call of Duty does tend to avoid controversial topics, so this just might be a map design.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2024 Guns

Yes, even some weapons for CoD 2024 have already been leaked. This leak is also based on data from the Warzone Mobile Alpha and was originally posted by @real1tyuk. But since his leaks have all been claimed and deleted in the meantime, @Phantom_Ice has provided us with the following graphic:

If those leaks are to be trusted, we will be able to play the following weapons in CoD 2024:

Gun Name
Name in Files
KSP 58Ksuger58
M16 DMRMary16
Mendoza RM2Rmary2
VSS Vintorez
FN Fal
SG542Sgeorge 542
Colt 723

And that's all for now. CoD 2024 is still far away, so all of these things could change, although the setting seems locked in. We would be very surprised if Treyarchs next game wasn't set in the 90s. After all, both the maps and the weapons have already confirmed that. What do you think of the setting? Until we know for sure, let's first stick to MW2 for now, and see what Infinity Ward has in store for us this year.