The Best Cooper Carbine Loadout | An AR or an SMG?

Vanguard features a plethora of World War II weapons, and now that Season One is here, the Cooper Carbine is here. It's secret? Well, it's pretty great!

Cooper Carbine Loadout
The Cooper Carbine is actually more of an MP than an Assault Rifle. | © Activision

The Cooper Carbine is here and it absolutely slaps. Whilst Season One of Call of Duty: Vanguard doesn't really add all that much to the franchise, this is one killer gun and will be great in both Vanguard and the new Warzone map.

Is the Cooper Carbine an Assault Rifle or an SMG?

The Cooper Carbine was only brought into play with Vanguard Season One, and is a strange intermediate between an Assault Rifle and an SMG. It is listed as an Assault Rifle due to its extremely high rate of fire and good mobility, but in practice feels more like a submachine gun. It's hard to control at a distance, and is the perfect run-and-gun weapon. Not only that, but it's definitely a strange assault rifle, and we will definitely play it as an SMG!

The Best Cooper Carbine Setup

Cooper Carbine Setup
With this setup, the Cooper Carbine goes off like a Schnitzel! | © Activision
MuzzleRecoil Booster
Barrel8" Ragdoll Short
OpticSlate Reflector
StockRemoved Stock
UnderbarrelM1941 Hand Stop
Magazine.30 Carbine 45-Round-Magazine
Ammo TypeCompressed Rounds
Rear GripRubber Grip
KitFully Loaded

The Cooper Carbine actually plays more like an MP than an Assault Rifle. It is very mobile and has an enormous rate of fire, which makes it difficult to control, especially from a distance. This is exactly why we are concentrating on building on its strengths and increasing its rate of fire and damage with the muzzle, ammunition and magazine even further. We also increase the recoil at least a bit with the grip. With this setup, however, you are particularly well positioned for close-quarters combat. It will certainly be interesting to see how it stacks up against the game's other ARs...

Equipment & Extras for a Cooper Carbine Loadout

The awesome STG44 Setup alone is, of course, not enough to dominate in Vanguard. If you want to shave properly, you also need the right perks, grenades, and more. Here we have the perfect STG44 Loadout for you...

The Best Secondary Weapon for the Cooper Carbine

Vanguard Secondary Machine Pistol
The Machine Pistol is just insanely good. | © Activision
We don't want to sacrifice a perk slot for Overkill, of course, which is why the Machine Pistol is definitely your best choice. The Machine Pistol needs a few attachments before it's really awesome, but we have just the right setup for you. With a larger magazine and a little more recoil control, this bad-boy shreds in close combat. So if you don't necessarily want to take a second primary weapon with you, you can't go wrong with the Machine Pistol as a secondary.

The Best Equipment for the Cooper Carbine

Vanguard Incendiary Stun
The Incendiary Grenade is likely to be the new meta. | © Activision

Incendiary Grenades and Stun Grenades are now our new Meta. Before the Incendiary Grenade came into play, Thermite was the best choice here, but why would you even bother with Thermite now? The Incendiary Grenade works in a very similar way, but does damage over an even larger area and still smokes like a Smoke Grenade. Especially on small maps like Das Haus or Shipment, you always meet someone with this thing.

Stun Grenades in the Tactical Slot are popular because they slow enemies incredibly, and make it almost impossible for them to hit you. This is especially useful if you love fast run-and-gun gameplay. Just throw them into the room or corridor in front of you, run over, and take out your surprised opponents.

The Best Perks for the Cooper Carbine

Vanguard Perks Ghost Radar Double Time
With this combination of perks, you will be very well equipped. | © Activision

The best Perks for a Cooper Carbine Loadout are ghost, radar, and rushing speed. You could, of course, also rely on Ninja and trackers if you really only want to go into absolute hand-to-hand combat, but with the perks we have mentioned, you are a bit broader. You can never do any wrong with Ghost, as you are not marked by Spy Planes. Radar gives you additional information about our opponent, and Rapid Pace lets us Spring for longer. In our opinion, this setup perfectly complements the Cooper Carbine.

The Best Field Upgrade for the Cooper Carbine

Armor Plates
Armor Plates are just insanely OP... | © Activision

Yes, we also benefit from Armour Plates with the Cooper Carbine. Makes sense, right? Additional HP is always useful, especially if you are always in the middle of the action. You don't know how armour plates work? Just like in Warzone. Just put it on and you can withstand a few more hits to the torso. Headshots still kill you just as quickly, though, so be careful.

How do you Unlock the Cooper Carbine?

To unlock the Cooper Carbine, you have to reach Level 15 in the Season One Battle Pass. As soon as the first season is over, there will probably be a specific challenge again as well as bundles in the store that can be used to unlock the Cooper Carbine. Reaching Level 15 in the Battle Pass shouldn't be too difficult, especially since you can level the Battle Pass in both Vanguard and Warzone.

What is the Best Alternative to the Cooper Carbine?

PPSH 41 alternative
What can the Cooper Carbine do in Call of Duty: Vanguard? | © Activision

The best alternative to the Cooper Carbine is probably the PPSH-41. Why, of all things, an MP? Well, the Cooper Carbine plays more like a fast MP. So if you can do something with the Cooper Carbine, you probably like nimble weapons with a high rate of fire and that is exactly what the PPSH-41 offers. In addition, the BOCW variant of the PPSH was already very strong in Warzone, so it might be worthwhile to level the new Vanguard PPSH-41, so that you can build the perfect loadout, and not just try it out in Vanguard.

This is the best Cooper Carbine loadout for Call of Duty: Vanguard's Multiplayer. What do you think of it? Have you already unlocked and levelled it? Here you can find all the new Vanguard Season One weapons...

This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.