Customizable Killcams Coming To Call of Duty, MW2 Patent Discovered

A patent has been filed by Activision for customizable killcams. If this technology makes it into MW2 then it will allow players to add custom graphics and messages to the killcams that other players see.

Customizable Killcams Coming MW2
Customizable killcams? What are Activision thinking... | © Activision

The "MVP Highlight" animations from Vanguard have not returned to CoD with Modern Warfare 2. But the amount of time I had to spend watching those animations will always haunt me. They were basically just one more pointless type of cosmetic that could be added to the shop, another attempt by Activision to over-monetize the Call of Duty franchise. But, as mentioned, they've removed this feature from MW2.

In fact, it seems at launch like Modern Warfare 2 is actually moving in a more consumer-friendly direction (though, for PlayStation users more than Xbox), especially given how the new Battle Pass system works. This is a positive development, of course, but it may be disrupted by an altogether new form of cosmetic that Activision has filed a patent for: customizable killcams.

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Patent Filed For Customizable Killcams

A patent has been filed by Activision for a new system that would allow players to customize the killcam that other players see when they're killed by them. So if player A bought loads of fancy gold cosmetics and funny messages for their killcam, when they killed player B, player B would see all of player A's fancy gold cosmetics and annoying messages in the Killcam.

Here's the image Activision provided the patent office explaining their idea:

Patent Image Customizable Killcams
You can customize the killcam with graphics, messages, and even audio, apparently. | © World Intellectual Property Organization

This would produce some funny content, absolutely no doubt, but by-in-large it's just another way for them to add cosmetics to the Battle Pass and to bundles to make it seem like you're getting better value for money. Still, we'll hold back on the Activision-hate until we actually see this in a CoD game, for now it remains as just a patent.

What do you think about customizable killcams? A good idea for new cosmetics, or are you still annoyed about all the footballers coming to MW2 for the shameless World Cup event?

Well, if this ever does come to pass, at least it won't be coming very soon, as it wasn't mentioned in the Season 1 blog post:

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