Call of Duty: DMZ Will Be Free-to-Play

According to the latest information, the new game mode DMZ could be completely free-to-play. Let's take a look at whether Call of Duty: DMZ will be free-to-play.

DMZ free to play
Will DMZ really be Free-to-Play? | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is the upcoming new Call of Duty, which we're all eagerly awaiting. After Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, it's high time for a really good CoD, and MWII has a lot of potential.

Until now, we assumed that Modern Warfare 2 would come with a campaign, multiplayer and a third mode called DMZ. Although we already know quite a bit about the new DMZ mode from numerous leaks, there hasn't been any official info from Activision yet. Now, the mode has been officially mentioned for the first time in Warzone 2's ESRB rating, and that raises some questions.

Is DMZ Free-to-Play?

Until now, we thought DMZ would be the third mode of Modern Warfare 2, just like Zombies is the third mode of Vanguard or BOCW, or Spec Ops was the third mode in previous Modern Warfare titles. That would have meant that players who want to play the Tarkov-like mode DMZ would have to own Modern Warfare 2, which is a full-price game.

But now the DMZ mode has been mentioned in the official ESRB rating of Warzone 2, as you can see here:

Warzone 2 ESRB Rating
The first time DMZ can be seen in an official document. | © ESRB

So DMZ seems to be part of Warzone 2 and not Modern Warfare 2. Since Warzone 2 will obviously make use of the free-to-play model of the original Warzone, this would mean that DMZ will also be free-to-play. So far, everything points to DMZ being released as part of Warzone 2 as a Free-to-Play mode.

Nevertheless, we'll have to wait until September 15, when new information for all upcoming CoD games will be released at the Call of Duty Next event.

Are you looking forward to the DMZ mode? Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042 was not very well received, but Escape from Tarkov is still a huge success, so we're hopeful. We'll keep you up to date with all the news on this mode in ourbig DMZ hub article.

Hopefully MW2 will be better than these CoDs...