What Is Error Code Detrick Guernsy In MW2?

Error Code Detrick Guernsey in Modern Warfare 2 is currently spoiling the mood of some players, but the error is relatively simple and quickly explained.

Detrick Guernsey MW2
What is MW2 Error Code Detrick Guernsey? | © Activision

You're comfortably playing Modern Warfare 2, take a short break, and bam, you can't get back into the game. It's quite annoying and understandable that gamers are pissed off at first. The error code Detrick Guernsey is currently driving some gamers crazy, but don't worry, we'll explain what causes the error.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta – Error Code Detrick Guernsey

Anyone who tried to log into the Modern Warfare 2 beta on Tuesday (9/20/2022) was probably greeted with the following message:

Connection Failed – Login Servers are currently undergoing maintenance. [Reason: Detrick – Guernsey]

Those who are now afraid that something is wrong with their console or router can calm down, though. Error Code Detrick Guernsey appears in the game because the first beta weekend for Modern Warfare 2 ended on Tuesday. So you can't start the Modern Warfare 2 beta at the moment because it's not available. As soon as the second beta weekend starts on Thursday, 22.9.2022 at 10am PT/1pm ET you will be able to play MW2 again.

So the problem will solve itself shortly, but expect it to reappear after the end of the second beta weekend on 9/26/2022.