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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One brought the first new weapons to the game. One of them, the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, has a lot of oomph...

Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle
This is one sexy-as sniper rifle. | © Activision

The thing about the Gorenko Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle is that it absolutely slaps when used by the right person. It's deadly, powerful, if a bit slow. I mean, after all, it is an anti-tank rifle, so if it hits flesh? There ain't going to be much left! Anyway, we've broken down the Gorenko Anti-Tank Sniper for you, giving you our thoughts, the best setup, and the best loadout for this brand-new weapon. Enjoy!

The Gorenko Has Power

Look, we're not really sure why we're getting an Anti-Tank Rifle in Call of Duty: Vanguard. After all, there are no vehicles or tanks in the game. Despite this, the Gorenko certainly hits hard. It has the highest damage per shot of all the firearms in Vanguard and kills everything with just one hit in multiplayer! However, since the gun has very little ammunition and is, of course, quite sluggish, it is not going to be meta. That, my friends, is reserved for a different weapon...

The Best Gorenko Setup

Gorenko setup
With these attachments, you get the best out of the Gorenko. | © Activision
MuzzleG28 Compensator
Barrel240MM ZAC Rapid
OpticG16 2.5X
StockKovalevskaya Type 2 Padded


Magazine13MM AM 3-Round Fast Mag
Ammo TypeFMJ Rounds
Rear GripFabric Grip
KitFully Loaded

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle does some pretty serious damage, and is even semi-automatic. Since the recoil is insanely high, the semi-automatic mode is not particularly useful. We try to increase its precision a little in our setup, and try to absorb that heavy kick as best we can. Still, the Gorenko is certainly not for aggressive close-combat sniping. If you want something like that, we'd suggest that you go with something a little different...

Equipment & Extras for a Gorenko Loadout

Of course, a good Gorenko setup alone is not enough. We also need a suitable secondary weapon, perks, and grenades. So what completes the best Gorenko Loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

The Best Secondary Weapon for the Gorenko

Volk Secondary
The perfect secondary weapon for every sniper. | © Activision

As a secondary weapon for the Gorenko, the Volk and the Cooper Carbine both absolutely slap. Each of these Assault Rifles stand out due to their high rate of fire, and play more like a mix of an AR and an MP than just a straight Assault Rifle. Thus, in combination with the Gorenko, you have covered all distances perfectly.

The Best Equipment for the Gorenko

Kar98k equipment
Thermite is never a bad choice... | © Activision

Thermite and S-Mine 44's are good choices here. You can't really go wrong with Thermite, despite the Incendiary Grenade diving in and taking away its steam. Thermite is available straight away, and is perfect for smoking out narrow rooms and for blocking passages for a short period of time. The S-Mine, on the other hand, is perfect for protecting your back once you've found a good position to snipe. Just put them in a doorway, or around a corner behind you, and wait for an enemy to walk in.

The Best Perks for the Gorenko

Kar98k Perks
These are the best perks for a Gorenko loadout... | © Activision

The most important perks in a Gorenko Loadout are Ghost, Radar, and Overkill. Ghost prevents us from being marked on the mini-map by Spy Planes. Radar, on the other hand, marks enemies for us who fire without a silencer. We have to fill the last slot with overkill because the Gorenko needs a good secondary weapon. Of course, if you feel safe, you can take the Machine Pistol with you instead, but longer springs are actually unimportant in a Gorenko Loadout.

The Best Field Upgrade for the Gorenko

Armor Plates
Armor Plates are always good. | © Activision

As field upgrades go, you really can't beat Armor Plates. This field upgrade works basically the same as in Warzone. With the armor plate equipped, we can simply take a few extra hits before we bite the grass. Be careful, though, as the plates only protect your torso. If you get shot in the head, you're minced meat!

How To Unlock The Gorenko?

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle was added to Call of Duty: Vanguard in Season One, and will be unlocked at Level 31 of the Battle Pass. Thus, you must grind a little before you can start dominating with the thickest Sniper in the game. At a later point in time, though, it will of course also be available via a challenge or for real money in an in-store bundle.

What is the Best Alternative to Gorenko?

3 Line Rifle alternative
The 3-Line Rifle is probably the most similar weapon to the Gorenko. | © Activision

Perhaps the best alternative sniper is the 3-Line Rifle. In multiplayer, fast snipers such as the Kar98k or the Type 99 have an advantage, but those who like to really pull out damage over long distances should use the 3-Line.

That was our best Gorenko Loadout for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Have you grinded your Battle Pass all the way to the end? Do you love the power of such a big-boy gun, or do you prefer to stick with a fast and maneuverable gun like the Kar98k?

This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.