How To Fix Dev Error 6036 in Warzone & Vanguard

And again, we got a new error in Warzone and Vanguard. The well-known Dev Error 6036 now also appears in Vanguard, so let's see what can be done about it.

Dev Error 6036 Vanguard
Let's eliminate Dev Error 6036! | © Activision

Hey, what do you know? Yet another new dev error that appears not only in Warzone, but also in CoD: Vanguard. As if Dev Error 6039, 5573, 5476 and many more weren't enough already, we now have Dev Error 6036. As usual, for any error in Call of Duty, Dev Error 6036 is also super annoying and can really ruin your mood. So let's take a look at what Dev Error 6036 actually does and how you can fix it.

What is Dev Error 6036?

Dev Error 6036 in Warzone and Vanguard usually pops up right at the start of the game or crashes the game in the middle of a match. What exactly triggers the error is not yet entirely clear. Some sources claim it has something to do with corrupted game files, others talk about faulty downloads and Sledgehammer, the developers behind Vanguard, think that Dev Error 6036 might have something to do with the localization of the game.

According to Sledgehammer, you should be able to work around the bug by simply playing the English-language version of Vanguard. Since that doesn't seem to work for everyone, here are a few more solutions.

How To Fix Dev Error 6036 in Warzone & Vanguard?

As usual, we will describe all the solutions that have proven to be successful for some players below. However, this doesn't mean that they will automatically work for you. Anyway, here are our tips for Dev Error 6036.

Check for Updates

Make sure that your game is up-to-date.

  • PC
    • Open the Launcher and go to Vanguard or Warzone
    • Click the gear symbol next to the "Play" button
    • Click on "Check for updates"
    • If this doesn't work, click on "Scan and repair".
  • Console
    • Close Warzone
    • Go to your game library
    • Search for Warzone or Vanguard and click on "Options"
    • Click "Check for Update" on PlayStation or "Manage Game" -> "Downloads" on Xbox
PS5 Update
This is how to check for updates on PS5. | © Sony/Activision

Disable the Cache Spot and Cache Sun Shadows

  • Launch Vanguard or Warzone
  • Go to "Settings" -> "Graphics" -> "Quality"
  • Scroll down to Cache Spot and disable it.
  • Scroll down to Cache Sun Shadows and disable it.

Update Your Graphics Driver

Outdated graphics card drivers often lead to problems. So make sure you always have the latest drivers installed. For AMD graphics cards, you can either download the latest driver from the AMD website or use Radeon Settings. For NVIDIA graphics cards, you can visit the NVIDIA website or use GeForce Experience.

Geforce experience check for update
This is how you search for the latest driver update in GeForce Experience. | © Nvidia

Power Cycle your System

A power cycle solves more problems than you might think. Turn off your PC or console completely and restart it again.

  • Power Cycle on Xbox:
    • Press and hold the Xbox Power Button for 10 seconds
    • When the console is completely shut down, pull the plug
    • Wait a moment before plugging the console back in
    • Restart the Xbox
  • Power Cycle on PlayStation:
    • Press and hold the PlayStation Power button until you hear two beeps
    • When the console is completely shut down pull the plug
    • Wait a moment before plugging the console back in.
    • Restart the PlayStation

Reinstall Warzone

This should really only be a last resort. Due to the enormous download sizes that every Call of Duty has, a complete reinstallation naturally sucks, but it can fix a bunch of bugs.

That's it. We hope that one of our tips could help you fix Dev Error 6036. If you have issues with other error codes in Warzone, scroll down, we have a bunch of error code guides for you.