How To Fix The "Purchase Modern Warfare" Error In MW2

A new error message is starting to confuse players who want to play the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. Here's everything you need to know about how to fix the error message.

Warzone 2.0
Warzone 2.0 started with some error messages | © Activision

The new Warzone 2.0 is online and many players who just want to play the battle royale are getting an error message. They can’t start the game because Call of Duty thinks you need Modern Warfare 2 to play Warzone, but this isn't correct. We will show you, how to fix this issue.

How To Fix The Error Message

Of course, the error message 'Purchase Modern Warfare 2 to have access' isn't true. The message is fortunately just a bug that's been caused by the huge demand on the game's servers on launch day. You can try a few ways to fix the issue aside from waiting for the servers to stabilize.

  • First you have to make sure that you have all the updates installed.
  • If this doesn't work, restart the game (this works mostly)
  • If you still have the error message, restart your PC or console and reconnect with the Internet

Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2.0 Error Code Diver: How To Fix

In addition to this error, some players also have the problem that the friends list not working. Although the hype for the new Call of Duty Battle Royale is real, it doesn’t get off to an optimal start in the first days.

At least this worked for us, and we hope it does for you too. Please let us know in the comments whether this worked for you, and if you have any other solutions to the problem, we would also love to hear them. And if this does work for you, enjoy it. Here are the meta weapons for Season 1.

Modern Warfare 2 works fine, so if you still need it, you can find it here! Call of Duty: MW2

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I bought this yesterday for $80!!!.. ran fine. Today I get a crash error sys22/steamship.exe reinstalled everything and even all my hardware updates.. still being a dog.. scan and repair doent do anything.. lets me back up and thats it. BOOOOOH!


They know what they are doing and it’s intentional.
Like when the reorganized the menu so you’d click “BR” instead of “Rebirth”, and so on.
It’s a collaborated effort by developers to make the game seem and new game modes to seem more In-Demand and Popular than they really are.
I honestly can’t wait for a new company to come out with a comparable game. I’ll make the switch immediately. COD isn’t about there content anymore, they only care about money.


just a mistake? or they need money :(
ooo sorry this is a known issue if you want to wait or just buy the game -.-


Hey y'all as of 1623 PST, getting the same message that says we need to purchase. Reddit boards have said that developers have not made a statement on the issue. Still waiting to hear more.



Literally was just playing. The game updated and now it's saying I need to buy MW2 to play.


It’s down right now I think a bunch of people on my friends list got this error


is it happening to everyone today me and my friends cant play rn?